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Mother whose daughter was raped in Krabi speaks out

A Norwegian mother, who fought for justice for her daughter’s rape in Krabi in February has spoken out about her daughter’s ordeal and how she had to flee from the country after her husband was threatened with a gun.

We arrived in Phuket on Friday 9th of February and were driven by minibus from the airport to hotel The Verandah AoNang, where we intended on staying until returning to Norway on 22th of February.

This was our family’s 14th trip to AoNang since December 2011 and we were happy to be back! This trip was special because it was the first trip my daughter Martine and I had taken alone.

We had both been looking forward to 14 days together in our paradise AoNang, relaxing with our good local friends, feeding homeless animals and were excited to enjoy the great experiences we had always enjoyed on our previous visits.

We had also planned to go on a 1 day-visit to Lanta Animal Welfare, something Martine was very much looking forward to because she was thinking about working there as a volunteer for 1 month. around June/July 2018.

Just one day into our trip on Friday 9 February, Martine asked if she had to go home to Norway or if it was possible to stay in AoNang longer than our planned departure date of the 22th of February because she felt so comfortable, safe and at home there.

On the first day of our visit we went to see the animals we had helped previously, then ate with good friends who are like family to us in Thailand, before going to bed early that night after our long journey.

On Saturday, February 10th, we fed and got to know more homeless animals, we practiced yoga + meditated on the wall close to hotel Krabi Resort (SUNSETH) On our way back to The Verandah Hotel, we talked to the owner of the Jesseao restaurant. He said it would be possible for Martine to get a job at his restaurant in a months’ time and suggested we talk again about what sort of papers and work permits would be required. Martine was happy to see an opportunity to expand her stay or maybe come back quickly to work and enjoy the peace and happiness she felt in AoNang. In the afternoon we went to AoNang Night Market to have dinner with friends until about 22.00 when we went back to the hotel again for the night.

On Sunday, February 11th after breakfast we fed dogs & cats for the day. At 16.00 we met our girlfriend (who lives in AoNang) to go to Krabi. When we arrived in Krabi, we first visited the temple in downtown, after that we went to a restaurant in the night market where we also had some drinks and watched the entertainment. In addition to food we enjoyed 3 cocktails during the evening and at around 23.00 we drove back to AoNang, our girlfriend Jane stopped her car near at the mosque, both Martine and I (Anca) decided to walk the last bit of the way before turning in for the evening. Along the way we started talking and having fun with 3 boys.  We followed them down towards the hotel, as we walked past Reggie Bar, the boys asked if we would go with them to have a drink. I was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel, but Martine wanted to go with them and since I have always looked at AoNang as a safe place, and her being 19 years old and these boys seemed nice I said yes, she could join them. When I returned to the hotel, I sent Martine a SMS letting her know she had to ask the guard to open the door for her since I had the room key, this message was sent from me to Martine at 00.14 and the police/translator has seen and can confirm that it was sent at this time! At 01.06 I got a phone call from Martine, she was crying so much I could not understand what she was saying, but it was apparent that she had experienced something terrible and that she was outside the Blues Hotel. I took my phone and ran up to the Blues Hotel and find Martine lying shaking on the ground hyperventilating with tears running down her face. She was surrounded by 6-7 girls from Sweden sitting around her on the ground, there was also a Thai man in the vicinity, I could see by the look in his eyes he was badly affected by his situation. Martine was very shocked and struggling to breathe and was struggling to tell me what happened.  When I asked her, one of the Swedish girls close to her looked at me and said, she has been raped by an employee from Raggae Bar! I looked at the man who was behind the girls and asked him to call the police for me, which he did.

I do not know how long it took for the police to come, I was in shock even though this was the last thing, I thought would happen to us in AoNang. It was absolutely horrible to see my daughter lying and shaking on the asphalt, kicking her legs and at same time holding both of her hands to her abdomen, crying for her breath while she periodically cries and howls. And the fear in her eyes almost took me away. My child, just over an hour previously, seemed to be the happiest girl in the world, and now she was in the foetal position on the asphalt completely crushed by sorrow and shock! When the police arrived we were quickly driven to Krabi Hospital, along the way, Martine was still crying hysterically, and she told me that the rape recurred in her head like a movie all the time. When we got to the hospital the nurses and doctor take blood tests, performed an abdominal examination, urine tests were taken, and she got a syringe in the back to boost the immune system + she took tablets to avoid pregnancy and antibiotics in tablet form. 04.15 I called for taxi and we went back to the hotel, Martine lay close to me in my bed and cried while still shaking for the rest of that night.

On Monday 12th of February while we were both finish our breakfast we saw the tourist police coming into the hotel, I quickly realize that they were coming to speak with us, so I introduce myself and took Martine to the room inside the hotel lobby. Everyone from the police explained who they were and we felt that they understood what happened and that they want to help us. Martine and I explained what happened the previous night and Martine drew a map of Reggie Bar where she located the stage, the bar, the dance floor and the stairs down and the room she was raped in. She explained that she was there with the 3 boys we met on our way home, that she did not drink anything at Reggie Bar and that she was dancing and talking to the boys she arrived with before she needed to  go to the bathroom. Since she never had been to Reggie Bar before she asked the bartender, who was moving  around among the guests, where the toilet was. The bartender said “come come” at the same time as he waved his hand and he guided her toward the stairs and walked behind her down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs he opened a door to a room.  Martine saw it was a room with a bed and no toilet, she said “no, I have to pee!” The bartender pushed her forward and down on the bed in front of her, she landed on her stomach, he quickly turned her around, so she lay on her back in the bed, he grabbing both sides of her trousers and pulled down her pants + underwear down at same time. The trousers she had on were loose so there were no buttons or anything that had to be undone to get them off. He then took off his own pants, held Martine by both of her upper arms and led his penis into her vagina. He did not say anything along the way but switched to a stranglehold on her and then Martine kicked more and got out of his grip. She grabbed the trousers’ pants, ran out the door and up the stairs, when she was halfway up, she realized she was naked and stopped to put on underwear and pants before she ran up and out of the room. One of the boys she was with saw Martine and was shocked when she ran out, so he ran after shouting at her, then Martine stopped and pushed him away as she looked for one of the boys named Tommy, one of the 3 boys she felt most in touch with. When she did not see him, she ran down to the hotel and after this she does not remember any of the time outside in front of the Blues Hotel, possibly because she was in trauma and under extreme shock!

After explaining to the tourist police, the police from Krabi also arrived the hotel where we are staying, Martine told them her story.  We met a great deal of understanding with everyone in the police because it is demanding for both of us to talk about and they wanted Martine to answer questions at the police station in Krabi so we agreed to go there. During this hearing, Martine herd that the hospital inquiries found sperm inside her, she panicked and said to me, “Mom, I do not use contraception. Imagine if I get pregnant! “! We explained that the hospital had tablets that would curb the chance of getting pregnant and she calmed down a little more. At the same time, her reaction explained to me two things!

Ranked 1 = Martine thought she got away before the attacker had an orgasm, but this was possibly something he got when he took a swallow on her and that’s why she got lost, the rape was already done.

Ranked 2 = Another proof that this is a rape because if she had sex, she probably also knew that he had an orgasm inside her!

When we returned from interrogation in Krabi, Martine was exhausted and stayed in the hotel room while I sat down in the hotel lobby with a girlfriend and suddenly 2 ladies came to the table to present themselves as employees from Raggae Bar and to apologize. I was very tired and still shocked by what my daughter was exposed to and said I cannot accept a simple apology when my daughter is so traumatised, and I asked that they leave, they continued even after four requests from my girlfriend for them to leave. After being ignored my girlfriend got up, raised her voice and showed them the way out leading them out by their arms in order ensure that they now MUST go away from the hotel. I got nervous and wondered how they knew which hotel Martine and I were staying at, we contact the police who called back saying they had told all the staff at Raggae Bar to stay away from us and the hotel where we were staying. Again, we found that the police protected us and wanted us to feel safe, we thought that was very good.

On Tuesday, February 13th, we were picked up by the tourist police and went to Krabi Hospital to get results of the blood tests and urine test. Thankfully all the tests were good, and both Martine and I were relieved! Both the police and the doctor at the hospital were amazing with us and said that in order to be 100% sure, new tests must be taken in 1 month. So, they arranged all the papers we need to take back to the doctor in Norway so that everything could be followed up properly. Later that day I was questioned in the tourist police’s office in AoNang and Martine was signing some papers with a picture of rapist + photos from Reggie Bar. When we returned to the hotel, we relaxed in the room. Martine, exhausted, fell asleep. At around 22:00 we went down to Family Mart to buy yogurt and something to drink. While we were in the store suddenly somebody mocked Martine from behind me “mom mom mom, she was there-she was there” I turned to run to Martine who pointed to the same lady who appeared at the hotel to apologize on 12th of February. This was the singer from the Reggie Bar.  Martine told me that this lady took pictures of her inside the store and I could see that she was filming us as she walked past us on the way out of Family-Mart. I ran after her down the stairs and out and shouted to her to leave us alone and that she will get trouble if she does not leave us alone! Both Martine and I were afraid and felt unsure as to why she filmed us, what she planned to do with the footage! When told the police about the experience, they arrived at our hotel within 10 minutes and sat outside talking to us, so we started to feel safer because of them.

On Wednesday 14th of February we had no dealings with the police during the day, so we went down to lie on the beach in front of Last Fisher Man, we have friends who are employed at the restaurant and felt this was a safe place to be. Martine and I spoke about how we were looking forward to the court on Friday that we wanted to enjoy our holiday and stay in AoNang as planned. We talked about how important we both thought it was to end the journey in a good way so that we could remember AoNang with fond memories experiences and, not least, how important it was for Martine to complete the case and confirm that the rapist would  face justice. The police assured us that we were 100% safe because the man was in prison. They also said that they did not need Tommy, one of the boys Martine and I met on the road before going to the bar that fateful night, to be questioned because they had enough evidence. We both felt very confident with the police and their support and investigation and that we would correct anybody who said the local police do not care about tourists. We also wanted to show those back in Norway who said we should have left directly after the rape that we were two strong women who would fight for justice and we had confidence in the local police.

Later Tommy arrived to meet us at the beach and after a quick swim we decided to go to the restaurant (Last Fisher Man) to have lunch, during our lunch our friend Jane came to join us, we had a nice chat before Jane took a phone call from a man who she had met a few times previously. He told her he wanted to start a new business in AoNang, Jane did not understand why he wanted to contact her with regards to this as they had not spoken for a long time but agreed to talk to him.

Martine and I went back to the hotel as we had agreed to be there from 5pm onwards to meet with the police who said an important police officer from Krabi wanted to meet us. When we arrived at the hotel, we were told that the police could not come after all and we should contact them if we needed. The tourist police had sent us a lovely basket of fruit and flowers and left it at the reception. I then got a call from Jane who told me she needed to speak to me urgently about the phone call she had received earlier. The man had not wanted to discuss business at all but what had happened on the night of the 12th of February. Martine was sleeping when I took the call, so I arranged to meet Jane  just outside the hotel, where we could speak without Martine hearing as I didn’t want to cause her more distress, I just wanted her to be strong.

When I met Jane, she was shocked and angry and told me the man she met had video from the surveillance camera showing that Martine went out to the street that night before going back to the Raggae Bar for 17 minutes after she had sex with one of the bartenders. He told Jane that several of the bar employees said they heard sounds from the room that she was raped in that lead them to believe she was having pleasurable sex and that they would be happy to testify to that and Martine would be faced with a false rape claim. I was shocked to hear what Jane was telling me. Nina then arrived, and shortly after Tommy came to see how we were doing. Nina told us that Ving wanted us to move to another hotel from the 15th of February until the end of our trip. Less than 15 minutes later a male stranger arrived and sat at our table. He told us that the tourist police were on their way to speak to Tommy.  He went on to say that Tommy must get hold of his friend, whom Martine pushed outside Reggie Bar after the rape, because the police think he may be the one who raped her as they saw her pushing him away. He also said that many customers saw Martine kiss the bartender on the dance floor and that there were many witnesses to both that and the consensual, pleasurable sex sounds they heard from the room at the bottom of the stairs. I was furious to hear this and argued that I knew my daughter would never connect to have sex with a 50-year-old man and then lie on the street in shock and fear afterwards. I explained that my daughter was shocked her rapist had an orgasm and was terrified she could be pregnant.

I said many times that I trusted the police and knew they would have contacted us if they had come up with any new theory. Tommy offered to testify once he had spoken to his boss, but I had every confidence in the local police. The man told me I would be very stupid to trust Thai police, and that I could not know what we had signed in the police station and that Martine could be in a lot of trouble if her accusations of rape turned out to be false. Tommy stood up and got very annoyed with the man who went off in a big white car.

Shortly after he left the hotel, we heard rumours that the Raggae Bar is mafia controlled and that the hotel we stayed at is also owned by mafia. We quickly became very afraid when we learned of this and decided we had to change hotels very quickly. Martine then came to join us, and we explained to her what the man had just told us and of the rumours about the mafia. Martine was very concerned and ran back to our room to pack. At this point she was unsure if she wanted to go through with the court case and was afraid that the mafia were now after her and she would end up being the one who was punished and not the perpetrator. In her mind if she continued with the case the mafia would take her, but she also worried that the police, who we trusted. would refuse to let her leave without going through with the case. Tommy and I were also concerned, we did not know 100% what had been written in Thai in the police reports. I was very afraid and spoke to my husband, Ken in Norway. He said we had to go home, the US Embassy and the UD in Norway also advised us to leave.

On the 15th of February 01.10, my  husband Ken booked flights out of Thailand for Tommy, Martine and myself and at 05.00 we snuck out of the hotel without baggage, and went to another hotel to arrange taxi to Phuket. We were sad that it ended, we wanted to fight for justice, we wanted to have a few good last days in AoNang after the court, we wanted to prove that the rumours of Thai police corruption are wrong. Although we still trusted the police, we knew AoNang was a small community of locals and it was clear that this man who lied, was watching us because of how he showed up to meet Jane right after we left lunch and came to tell Tommy to wait for the police so quickly after he had been to our hotel. It is unforgivable that the rapist had traumatised my daughter and it hurt much so much that we had to give up our fight for justice, but we believed this man had been sent by the mafia to watch us and intimidate us, although we were not afraid of him, we were very afraid of who he was working for.

The weekend we got home all three of us were completely exhausted so did our best to sleep after our long journey. On February the 18th we drove Tommy to Oslo, Gardemoen. He was going home to New York, he was also threated by a German who appeared at our hotel, he escaped with us to Norway.

On February 19th Martine was interviewed and investigated by the emergency team for rape-victims at our local hospital, reviewing the report with all the research and medical treatment she received from Krabi Hospital. All preliminary results were good, but she could not be 100% sure she was not infected with illnesses for another three months when more tests would be taken. She really struggled knowing she could have caught something sinister from her rapist.

While Martine was at the hospital on the Monday, I found out the rapist had walked free after only one or two days behind bars. This meant he had been freed while we were still in AoNang. At first, I could not believe this was true, the police had told me this man had no money for bail and nobody wanted to help him.

Furthermore, the police assured me that if somebody did pay bail, they would immediately let me know. It is disappointing that the police lied to me saying he was in jail when they knew he had been released! Why did not they tell the truth?

On February 20th we contact a lawyer recommended to us by our local hospital, but the lawyer has holiday until Tuesday 27th of February so we tried to get the earliest appointment possible

My daughter Benedicte, 27, and I began to investigate if the rumour I received from several people in AoNang/Krabi was true, it was, the rapist had published pictures and updated his profile on social media from February 14th, I was so upset I had been lied to by the police.

I was in dialogue with a girl who was in relationship with the rapist a few years earlier, she knew Roots Rock Reggae bar very well and said it was owned by a small mafia business that cooperates with the police who allowed the bar to sell weed and other drugs without being punished. She told me the rapist was also violent towards her and that she would be happy to testify in Martine’s case. I later heard that there was a rape in the same bar in 2012 and that the rapist was also an employee of the bar. After further investigation I discovered this was the same local case a friend in AoNang had showed me clips of. I remembered asking the police why the rapist had gone free and they told me the victim had not gone through with the court case, reiterating that it was vital for Martine to go through with the case to ensure justice. This turned out to be another lie by the local police because the girl in that case did go through with it, with the support of her father, but the rapist was still released on bail.

We do not understand why the police handled the case against my daughter in this way, raping is a major traumatic experience, being threatened by staff from the bar is traumatic, escaping from Thailand unsure of our safety is traumatic,

the uncertainty about passing through passport control is traumatic. And discovering that the police as we gradually gained confidence and partly thought we could trust have lied so much to us is not positive for my daughter Martine processing to heal after she get raped.

It’s doubled up with deceit! First being raped in a city she has loved and felt safe, and then she felt that the police who should protect and safeguard justice by laws and regulations for her lie.

Roots Rock Reggie Bar is still closed (at the time of publication) and I question the reason why the police closed the bar the day after the rape and one of the police chiefs in Krabi, name Jean (?) said they did it for our part and to protect us. Something that ended more employees from Roots Rock Reggie Bar appeared threats already the day the bar was closed, I would think the police understood that closing the bar would lead to threats to us?!?

Why did they release the rapist the day they shut the bar? And why did they tell me he still was in prison?

Why could we not bring my Thai-friend into the interrogations when we told the police that it was safer for Martine and me to have someone we trust and speak Thai?

Why could not my Thai-friend get permission to read through the papers before we signed?

The police said the documents were secret, but it was Martine and my explanation we should sign so I do not understand what secret to my friend was who already knew what had happened and she is like an aunt for my daughters.

What have we signed?

I cannot get peace in my heart after what happened to my daughter Martine in AoNang in February this year!

I have a feeling and I believe that she struggles, and more so because of the treats against us after her rape, the fear of being prosecuted herself and not least the deception by the local police who should have protected us after the rape.

Martine has a lot of nightmares and suffers from panic and anxiety attacks, she was admitted to the psychiatric department of 1st April suffering from deep depression, we were afraid she would take her own life if she was not supervised by professionals at this time.

Being a parent, to see a child suffer so enormously is horrendous and leaves you searching or ways to improve the situation. I refuse to accept that my happy and energetic daughter with light in her eyes until around midnight on the 12th of February looked at me with panic in her eyes and looked hysterically at me

… my daughter eyes, young girls’ body that was roaring in shock on the asphalt. My 19 year old daughter was turned from heaven to hell in very very short time, how can I let those people who inflicted this pain on her go free as if nothing happened?

It’s not possible! Therefore, in May-June, I began investigating the possibilities for a new trial, a trial we could feel safe to implement, to continue the trial had to flee in fear from a day and a half before it was due to start.

I got in contact with a good grown-up man in Bangkok, he is related to a man who lives in Norway. His people organised a lawyer for me from Surat Thani, a man they had great faith on. I finally felt that my dream would come true and I would finally get justice for my daughter and put her rapist behind bars.

I wanted everything to be settled before I told Martine that I, her mother, was planning to do this. I did not want her to be involved in my plans as I did not want to add to her stress. I had a copy of all the statements she had made to the police in Aonang and Krabi, I hoped that the hospital in Krabi still had the DNA results stored. There were only a few practical things we needed to sort out before I could give her the news we would be travelling to Thailand to finish her case. But in July Martine’s  mental health seriously declined so I contacted our new lawyer by email and asked him if she could give her statement to the court via Skype or if there would be any way the trail could go ahead in her absence. It became apparent in July that she was not strong enough to travel to Thailand and fight in court.

I received a response from the lawyer that it was possible to conduct a trial without Martine present, I just had to print the papers he sent and get Martine’s signature + copy of her passport so then bring all this documents to The Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo to get stamped and send them back to the lawyer address in Surat Thani.

My heart bubbled with happiness and I thought the time had come tell Martine her mother had finally managed to get justice for her. My husband and I, in consultation with my contact person in Bangkok, decided travel  to Thailand and personally deliver the documents with power of authority to our lawyer so the documents not “go away” between Norway to Thailand.

When I proudly told Martine what would happen, she began to cry… but these were not the happy tears that I thought would come! This was hysterical fear tears … she expressed a serious fear that her mother and her stepfather would be threatened, persecuted and killed if we travel back to Thailand.

After many days I finally convinced her that we would be completely safe, all she had to do was sign the documents  and “Power of Authority” that the lawyer sent, go to Oslo Tinghus, to the UDI in Oslo + to The Royal Thai Embassy with her passport and get the stamped papers all 3 places. And mom + stefar would “only” travel to Bangkok to contact our person then travel to Surat Thani to deliver the documents + pay the lawyer and after some conviction, she also thought this was safe and agreed to let us go!

My husband and I went as planned, to Bangkok first where we met our contact person. We stayed 3 days in Bangkok and met this person’s network. We experienced consistent powerful adult people of around 70 years who gave us their business cards and told us to contact them if anything should happen. This gave me some kind of security and I was absolutely sure that this would go the right way, that we could give my daughter what she really deserved!

My husband and I went to Surat Thani to meet the lawyer, gave him the documents and pay him for take the case. The lawyer said nobody was informed that there would be a trial, the dates were set to 13 and 14 November in Krabi and the perpetrator would be arrested the night before the trial started so that he was unable to escape.

This news made my husband and I feel very safe and we therefore decided to travel to AoNang and stay at the same hotel my where my husband asked me to be his wife, and where we celebrated our honeymoon and as we spent many holidays with our children. A safe, big hotel, where we could stay within the hotel grounds to prepare the case further with our lawyer.

On September 11th, the lawyer travelled to AoNang and Krabi police station + went to Krabi Hospital with the power of authority documents with which he was able to get all reports from both police stations and hospital.

12th September the lawyer phoned us and the jubilee was great, he had got everything he needed from the police and he had the DNA results, he told my husband ‘with 100% security we win this case’! When I called Martine to tell this news she was crying HAPPINESS and of course I did to.

My daughter was the third or fourth young tourist victim of this rapist and he had not been arrested for any of the others and we felt we would give justice to all these young girls by punishing him!

My husband and I were excited about that nobody in AoNang knew I was back and that there would be a new trial in 2 months and that I even had a low profile in the hotel and during our continued hiding it was a feeling of victory to be back in AoNang!

My husband rented scooter and driving around AoNang, they bad guys didn’t not know who he was since my daughter and I vacationed alone in February.

He was in the same bar that the rape happened to observe and NOTHING strange happened to us during the 14 days we were in AoNang in September, so when we got home to Norway, we decided to go back in November to participate in the trial, I wanted to testify.

We booked the same room at the same hotel in AoNang since it was safe and nice in September, we arrived Krabi AirPort Thursday 8. November around 9.00 am. I responded that I saw Jean, the police chief who was responsible for our case in February, at the Arrivals Hall but he walked away when he saw me, so I just informed my husband about it, but said at the same time that I maybe was wrong. No one should have been informed of my arrival.  Thai people in uniform could look very similar at a distance so I thought no more about what I saw.

We checked in at HolidayIn AoNang and didn’t leave the first day, my husband would go to family mart which is next to the hotel and buy some potato chips.

He took his first steps outside the hotel the day after our arrival in Thailand …when he did, outside FamilyMart there was a man in a white pick up screaming at him asking for directions to  McDonalds, he approached the driver unaware anything could happen and spoke to the driver through the window. There were 3 adult Thai men in the car,  the driver was turning a revolver against my husband and say calmly with a cold look:

“Get your wife out of Thailand today or we’ll kill her and you, if you’ll go to the security guards in the hotel, we’ll kill them too!”

We were obviously very afraid and packed our stuff, checked out of the hotel, got a quick taxi to Krabi AirPort and there we sit all night waiting for the first flight to Bangkok which runs at 06.00.

A person, a Thai man, pursues us at the airport, follows us on the plane and sits behind us, following us to see we take our luggage from the baggage belt and he followed us until we got into a taxi to drive to the main airport in Bangkok!

The plane back to Norway does not fligh before 00.40, and now it’s only 08.20 so we disappear into a new taxi, check in at a hotel in Bangkok and lock ourselves in the  room while we discuss with our contact person and the lawyer what to do now.

They want us to fly to Surat Thani, the Lawyer will meet us at the Surat Thani airport together with police from that province and they have arranged for us to stay in one of the police security homes until the trial is finished.

I try to persuade my husband to let me do this, however no matter how much I pray, cry and promised him to be careful, he denies me.

He has an extremely strong feeling that something is really wrong with the whole network, which we thought was safe… and after returning home, this proved to be true.

The lawyer claims he cannot conduct the trial without my daughter present in court.

The Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, on the same day we escaped, sent me an email that the AoNang police have contacted them for a trial in Krabi on 13 and 14 November, something the Embassy earlier this year assured us they were not notified about.

Back home I understand it was Jean, the Police Officer I saw when we arrived at Krabi AirPort on the morning of 8 November.

It was informed that we came to Krabi 8. November, they knew which hotel we stayed in!

This was anything but safe as I promised my daughter!

We did not win the trial the lawyer assured us 100% she would do!

We did not even have the opportunity to run the trial because an authorized lawyer lied!

The Norwegian embassy cannot do anything for us because they cannot take part in case!

Is this really the way to end???

Is it impossible to get a fair trial in Thailand?

Is it so damn corrupt that even small AoNang manages the system in Bangkok and Surat Thani?

Someone MUST do something to change the tourists their safety down there!

Either by all embassies discouraging their citizens from traveling to Thailand or move to changing the security in Thailand… and I personally believe the only thing possible right now is

DO NOT advise anyone you care about travel to Thailand!

Photos provided by victims mother / some names changed





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