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100 Year old wreckage found buried in the sand on a Koh Samui Beach

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100 Year old wreckage found buried in the sand on a Koh Samui Beach | Samui Times
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The online community has been buzzing recently with the discovery ancient wreckage buried on Ban Thai beach. Some guess that it’s a World War II warship; some say it’s a ship’s mast, and some think it’s a chimney of a ship’s boiler. However, everyone agrees on one thing, and that is they want the authorities to find out what the wreckage really is.

Ban Tai wreckageAt 10:00 o’clock on June 26th, Samui Marine Department went to investigate the metal wreckage that was found in Ban Tai Beach, Samui. The circle section of wreckage protruding from the sand is 2 cm thick and has diameter of 200 cm. Based on its corrosion, the wreckage has been buried on the beach for a long time.

Mr. Witchu, 55-year old man who lives in the area said that the wreckage has been there for many years, even before he was born and that it used to be 3 meters high. He says that it’s likely to be a ship buried in the sand. There was once an attempt to dig it up, but the wreckage was extremely strong and heavy and the mission failed leaving the mystery unsolved.

The general consensus of opinion is that the wreckage is that of a ship that is about 100 years old. Many people have come to see the rusty remains of something mysterious poking out of the sand that could very well become the latest tourist attraction on the island.

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