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10th of July Women’s Business Network Meeting

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10th of July Women’s Business Network Meeting | Samui Times
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The Womens Business Network enjoyed a superb evening on July 10th. The event took place at the Akyra Chura Samui and started with drinks on the beach. Sadly the weather was against the group of ladies and as the rain came down they retreated to the restaurant, however the soggy weather did nothing to dampen their spirits and a fabulous time was had by all.SAM_2617

In the restaurant Lorraine Clarke, who runs the organization, invited the ladies to introduce themselves the group.

Martina got the ball rolling as she introduced herself to the group. Martina is a healer, teacher and life coach who specializes in Tibetan Energy Balancing that is more powerful than Reiki, something that she also practices.

Marie then told the ladies about her holistic perfumes that are tailor made from natural ingredients to create a perfect harmony between your body and your soul. She also creates holistic body oils and room fragrance oils as well as natural body scrubs and tailor-made essential oil blends.

SAM_2620Mauko, from Japan, specializes in nail therapy and is looking forwards to opening a new Japanese restaurant with her husband, who is from South Africa.

Danny Lopez, well known for her talents in wedding hair and make-up on the island, told the group about her exciting new spray tan enterprise that she will launch on August 1st, that will not only benefit brides that have not had time to get a tan before their wedding but island residents that work in offices and never have the chance to see the sun.

Lorraine, who really needed no introduction, then told the group about her sales and rental real estate business and events that she organizes and about a Christmas Fair she is planning for the Spirit House in Chaweng that will attract thirty exhibitors and be packed full of entertainers.SAM_2621Gyorgi told the group about project managing construction and Catherine told of her bungalow resort in Lamai.

Lily then told the group about her life being the wife of a hotelier. Having been a corporate lawyer in Singapore, Malaysia and London, Lily found herself semi retired as she followed her husband around the world, and found herself in Samui when he took on the role as GM at the Banyan Tree. In order to fill her days Lily spends a lot of time reading, not only books but people and has enjoyed reading tarot cards and has enjoyed figuring people out from information such as their date of birth. She also plays hosts to some fabulous parties.

Emma then told the group about her real estate company in Bophut and how she enjoys servicing her clients and offering the kind of personal service it is sometimes hard to find.

Yvonne told the group about her villa management services that she is currently expanding to include a personal concierge service.

SAM_2623Reena from Russia then explained the benefits of Face yoga, something she has practiced for years but never dreamt she would teach. Her interest in face yoga came about as she got older and noticed that her face had lost its youthful looks. After spending a fortune on lotions, potions and creams that promised the earth but fell short on delivering it, she turned to a friend who happened to be a plastic surgeon. He told her she was far too young to undergo the facelift she wanted so she turned to botox and fillers only to be unhappy with the results. Determined to feel better about herself Reena found face yoga, that was developed by a plastic surgeon in the 1950’s. It came about when the surgeon noticed that his girlfriend, who was a ballerina, had a body worthy of a girl years younger, did not have such youthful looks in her face. He came to the conclusion that while she was using the muscles in her body to retain her youthful physique she was not using her facial muscles in the same way. There are 57 muscles in your face and if you want to know how to exercise all of them you will find the opportunity at the Sun House Studio, opposite Zazen between 1pm and 2pm on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Despite the rain, wild lightening and deafening thunder the evening was a huge success, the ladies enjoyed free drinks, canapés and a Truffles Exclusive that gave them the chance to taste a great selection of a Deli collection, delicious Truffles, Aromatic oils, Honeys & Salts, Incredible balsamic infusions, and Organic Sweet Creams.

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