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12 deaths after vaccination not linked to Covid-19 vaccine

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12 deaths after vaccination not linked to Covid-19 vaccine
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Results are still pending on 16 cases, but investigations on 12 people who died after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine were concluded, finding their deaths to be coincidental. The Department of Disease Control said yesterday that the Covid-19 vaccine was not the cause of death in these 12 cases.

The director for emergency health hazards and disease within the DDC reported these findings after experts spent a lot of time carefully studying each person’s medical treatment records, lab test, autopsy report, and details in each case. In those 12 instances, they found causes of the deaths mostly blood-related, which they determined were not directly related to the contents that make up the vaccine.

“The deaths were from severe undesirable symptoms and were not a result of receiving the vaccine. People can rest assured that the vaccines are safe.”

The director did note that vaccines are a foreign substance in your body, and our bodies react to these outside invasions in ways that can cause side effects or unpleasant symptoms. He confirmed, however, that most people afflicted with a chronic illness could successfully take the Covid-19 vaccine, as long as their condition is stable at the time.

Investigations are ongoing into the remaining 16 people who died shortly after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine to see if any instances are uncovered where the deaths are directly related to a vaccine.

8 people in the completed investigations were found to have died from acute coronary syndrome, an affliction that suddenly reduces blood flow to the heart. The other 4 deaths were each by different causes, with one person dying from a blood disease called immune thrombotic thrombocytopenic and another with a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in the lung. A third died from purulent meningitis, where bacteria travels in the blood to the brain or spinal membrane, and one caused by an intra abdominal aneurysm, most frequently caused by smoking and high blood pressure.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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