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1st leg of the San Miguel Lite Knockout Cup

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1st leg of the San Miguel Lite Knockout Cup | Samui Times
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The first round of the San Miguel Knockout Cup pool competition took place on the 8th of July, after the draw for the teams took place the previous Friday at Tropical Murphys.

Chillin2 were drawn to play at home against Aussieland. The match, a race to eleven, started with an eight ball clearance off the break by Aussieland captain T-bone, that ensured Fedor didn’t even have to pick up his cue. Sergey then took on Duffman won the second frame of the night for the away team. Alan then took on Carl in a ferocious game that Alan went on to win. Russ did not have such luck in his game against Flea who took the third win of the night for Aussieland. However Chillin2 game back strong when Max beat Pete and Andy annihilated Squiggles. Fedor then lost his second frame of the night when he took on Alan, a guest player, before T-bone thrashed Sergey taking the score to 3-5. Nan then got a point back for the home team in his game against Duffman, however Carl, determined not lose a second frame, beat Rus. Max then pulled out all of the stops in his frame against Flea and Andy took on Pete and also won. Fedor took his third defeat of the night, this time against Squiggles, Sergey then lost out to Alan before Chillin2 Alan lost to ace payer T-bone. Russ then lost his frame to Duffman and Carl took the glory for his team when he ended the evening beating Max and taking home a 6-11 win and a place in the next round of the knockout cup.

In Chawng at On’s Livewires Barbs were taking a thrashing off the home team. The evening started when Chris beat Joe. Arno then lost his frame to Bob who took one of only two wins for the away team all night. The score went 8-1 up before Arno lost for the second time, this time to Steve. So a disappointed Barbs slunk home with a 11-2 defeat with Jeff, Chris and Joe having not won a single frame leaving On’s Arno to sulk that he lost the only two for his team. So On’s are through to the next round along with Badass bar who beat Scandinavia 11-6 and Spicy Bar who beat MeMe in some close run frames, 11-8. The game between Chillin and Pumpuis Bar has been postponed and the Torpical Murphys v Tams result is unknown at time of going to press.

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