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24 hour wait period to report missing children to be abolished

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24 hour wait period to report missing children to be abolished | Samui Times
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Police stations across the country have been instructed by the Royal Thai Police that the mandatory 24 hour period parents must wait before they can report their children missing has been abolished.

The move came after the abduction case of nong Cartoon, a six year old girl whose story has shocked the nation. Cartoon was lured away by a homeless man from a parking area of a country music concert in Bangkok.

Due to the twenty four hour rule the search effort was delayed. When the man who was accused of kidnapping cartoon was later arrested he confessed to the police that he had raped and murdered her in a secluded spot, not far from the parking area, soon after he abducted her. During the investigation the police had asked the public to call 1599 if they had any information with regards to her disappearance.

CartoonHuman remains found at the crime scene have yet to be identified of those of the young girl, but the police have said that the parents of the child have confirmed that the clothes and personal belongings found in that area do belong to their daughter.

The police are now investigating claims from the suspect, known only has Mr.Nui, that he has raped a total of eight other children in the past and he has murdered four of them. The man has previously served time for child abuse charges according police records.

During their investigation yesterday of the spot where Mr. Nui claimed that another one of his victims had been murdered Police in Loey province uncovered a number of human remains. The police believe they belong to a four year old girl called nong Ying who had been reported missing after a Red Cross Fair. The police also found pink shoes nearby that the parents confirmed belonged to the child. Nevertheless the police forensic department is working to determine whether the DNA found on the human remains matches that of Ying’s parents.

In an area in Prachinburi province over seventy officers combed another area where Mr. Nui claimed he had raped and murdered another one of his victims, although no human remains were found a set of women’s clothes and lingerie were found in the area. Pol. Lt. Gan Thitirj Nongharnpitak, the deputy commander of the Bangkok Metropolitan Police said that some of the victims allegedly raped or murdered by Mr. Nui may be illegal aliens which will complicate investigations. He also suggested that some local police stations might have been informed about Mr. Nui’s crimes but the officers in charge may not have taken the claims as seriously as he should. He said “The officers probably saw them as normal cases, but apparently they are not, the officers should be more attentive.

The police in Bang Na, Bangkok are said to be in contact with Mr. Nui’s former wife who will be interviewed at an undisclosed location to establish facts about the suspects background and personality in a hope to understand his motivation for committing such crimes.

According to the commander of the Bangkok Special Prison, Mr. Sorsith Chongcharoen, Mr. Nui is currently detained with other prisoners in a shared cell but the prison warders are keeping a close eye on him to ensure he does not attempt suicide or gets mobbed by other inmates. He also said that Nui has shown no sign of distress since arriving at the prison.

The Mirror Foundation, a charity that deals with missing children, has urged the government to and the police to set up special departments to solve the cases of abducted children. In a press statement the said that notices of missing children should be published in state media to gain more attention from the public.

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