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25,100 Thais died of strokes last year

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25,100 Thais died of strokes last year | Samui Times
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2 November 2015 (NNT)-The Ministry of Public Health has revealed that as many as 25,100 Thais died from strokes last year.

strokesPublic Health Minister Dr. Piyasakon Sakolsattayatorn, stroke is the second major cause of death of people who are over 60 years old worldwide, with nearly 6 million people killed by strokes each year.

In Thailand, an average of three people die from hemorrhagic strokes every hour. The World Stroke Organization has raised global awareness of the deadly disease and how it can be prevented.

The Ministry of Public Health has included strokes among 11 priority diseases that require fast access to medical attention. Dr. Piyasokon stated patients must be taken to the hospital within four and half hours, to increase the chance of survival and lower the possibility of becoming handicapped.

Regional hospitals are expected to form a network that caters to patients soon after the stroke occurs, before sending them on to better equipped hospitals for further treatment.

People, who are 35 years old and above, are encouraged to have their health checked every year for any health issues, particularly high blood pressure and diabetes, that could potentially lead to strokes.

The Ministry of Public Health is also determined to promote a healthier lifestyle among people across the country in a bid to reduce the number of strokes occurring in the population.


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