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3 year old in Samui dies after drinking washing up liquid

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3 year old in Samui dies after drinking washing up liquid | Samui Times
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On the 14th of December a three year old girl, identified by her family as nong Focus, was at home alone with her 33 year old babysitter . According to the police the girl’s parents were away working at a nearby bakery.

The babysitter, who is a neighbor of Focus’s parents had been taking care of the girl on a regular basis for six months before the incident. On the day of the accident Ms. Chanakarn said she left Focus to play in the bathroom with her own daughter, who is around the same age. She then went outside to paly games on her mobile telephone.

Samui Baby sittter

Ms. Chanakarn Chusri-orn

However Ms. Chanakarn said that she had mixed a dish-washing chemical with water left in the bathroom earlier in the day with the intention of using it to clean the fridge. In her account of the story she said that some time after she had left the children to play in the bathroom, Focus ran towards her making gestures towards her mouth, when some of the chemicals spilled out Ms. Chanakarn immediately realized that the girl had ingested the chemicals she had left in the bathroom intended to be used to clean the fridge. She told police that she tried to get the young girl to vomit up the chemical and gave the child a lot of water to drink but her attempts were in vain, half an hour after she had drunk the chemical the child’s condition worsened. At this point Ms.Charakarn alerted the girl’s parents who took her to a local clinic, she was later transported to Samui Hospital where she died.

The girl’s body will now be taken for autopsy in Surat Thani to establish a clear cause of death. The police have also confiscated the dish-washing chemicals Chanakarn claimed the girl had swallowed prior to her death. The police have said that they have not charged the nanny with the girl’s death, as they are still waiting for the results of the autopsy. However it was suggested the woman will be charged with gross negligence leading to the child’s death.

Ms. Chanakarn told reporters that she sincerely regrets her actions and in an effort to apologize has suggested she will become a nun to make merits on behalf of the dead girl once the funeral is concluded. The child’s parents did not comment on the legal issues surrounding their daughter’s death, saying only they would allow the legal procedure to take its own course.

However they did say that they would like to encourage other parents to learn from their loss, and to be diligent in their choice of babysitters. Parents should consider how competent their babysitters are in minding children before they hire them, they said.

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