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52 of Thailand’s universities are reducing tuition fees

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52 of Thailand’s universities are reducing tuition fees | Samui Times
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Thailand’s Higher Education Minister, Suwit Mesinsee says…

“52 universities cut tuition fees to support students in the wake of the Covid 19 crisis.”

With the pandemic impacting the economy and also the indirect influence of students, the Ministère had sought the assistance of institutions of higher education in order to help the students and to reduce the financial pressure on their parents and guardians who are undergoing economic slowdown.

To date, 52 colleges have lowered enrolment costs, extending tuition payment terms and lowered or restored program fees. In addition, they have also set up a student assistance program.

Thammasat University, for example, decided to extend the tuition fee grace period to August 9, with the creation of a fund to support 5,000 bursaries totalling 15 million baht before the end of the academic year.

The University of Chulalongkorn will refund dormitory fees. The University of Kasetsart increases contract terms and expenses while grants and bursaries are distributed to undergraduate students and the University of Khon Kaen has set up a funding fund.

Suwit adds…

“Many universities have sought to respond to this situation and to take specific steps to support students, professors, university employees and the general public. Guidelines to eliminate tuition fees are to be released early,

SOURCE: The Nation

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