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6000 Educational police calendars to be distributed to officers to help prevent crime

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6000 Educational police calendars to be distributed to officers to help prevent crime | Samui Times
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It has been reported that Pol. Lt. Gen. Phongphat Chayaphan, the Central Investigation Bureau commissioner has designed calendars to be distributed around police stations and educational institutes to increase effectiveness in preventing crime.

6000 Police Science calendars, that are 3 page pamphlets, that explain about the modern detective work are to be distributed.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Phongphat revealed that in the past Thailand has beenranked comparatively with many countries but still had lots of crime problems. After analyzing the crime rates of the past he concluded that one of the most important factors in effective policing is the officers having the knowledge in their various fields.

police workThe Police Science calendars highlight areas of policing such as detection and investigation and the detective styles both past and present. In the past typical police detective work would use internal to external methods, such as inspecting the crime scene, considering the criminal methods used to commit the crime and then the use of science and police judgment.

In the modern age detective work has changed from internal to external to external to internal, more time is spent at the crime scene, considering the criminal methods used, finding the criminals signature, analyzing the criminals thoughts etc

There is also a culprit classification tool that puts culprits in Thailand into one of four categories.

1. General culprits 2. Psychopathic culprits 3. Mood Disorder culprits and 4. Cockeyed culprits.

The commissioner said further that if the police have knowledge in modern detection, they will be able to reduce crime and at the same time the police will solve the problems directly e.g in the case missing girl Cartoon. The police were notified that she was missing from the area of Baring sky train station. Once they were informed police officers were ordered to rush to the scene with their sirens blasting and lights flashing. The reason behind this was that the noise and the lights would cause many people in that area to question what was going on and make them more aware of their surroundings and perhaps pick up vital clues they may not have noticed without the stimulation of the sirens and lights.

Moreover, with hostage type situations the officers must know how to secure the victim and need to understand that children, women and elderly hostages many not be able to defend themselves and are often the victims of these kinds of crimes for that reason.

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