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7 districts of Chaing Rai declared disaster hit zones

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7 districts of Chaing Rai declared disaster hit zones | Samui Times
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In The north of Thailand schools, temples, hospitals, houses and hotels sustained substantial damage due to the one of the strongest earthquakes in decades. Three provinces are still struggling to cope with the impact that has left one dead and twenty three injured.

earthquake chiang raiChiang Rai was the hardest hit province with the Phan district at the epicenter of the 6.3 magnitude quake that hit on Monday.

Seven districts of Chiang Rai have been declared disaster-hit zones and more than one hundred aftershocks were recorded yesterday, some of them with a magnitude of well over 5. The Chiang Rung Hotel in the Phan district has had to close temporarily for repairs, it is expected that it will take two months of for the repairs to be complete.
Kriangkrai Weerarittipan, honorary chairman of the Chiang Rai Industry Council, said the province’s business sector was hit hard, as stocked goods were damaged and several shops would have to close. The National Office of Buddhism said 12 temples in Chiang Rai had suffered from quake damage. Among the badly hit is the world-famous Wat Rong Khun. The airport in Chiang Rai is operating as normal.

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