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“7-Eleven gave 13,550 baht to lady boy on my stolen card”, claims Bangkok retiree

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“7-Eleven gave 13,550 baht to lady boy on my stolen card”, claims Bangkok retiree | Samui Times
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An American retiree living in Bangkok has told Thaivisa that a lady boy stole his wallet in Phuket. 

The man then used his wallet to get a 13,550 baht cash advance at 7-Eleven. 

Though the card was signed and the receipt issued was clearly in the name of Gregory M Field in English, incredibly the Thai lady boy was given the money after signing in Thai script. 


Mr Field, 62, said he was pick-pocketed by the lady boy on Patong Beach. He got away with 5,000 baht and the credit card that was then used to get money at 7-Eleven.

He blamed the 7-Eleven staff for being “ridiculously inattentive”.

Though he expects to get his money back from his bank he seriously questioned the convenience store and their procedures – or lack of them. 

He suggested they would be none too happy at losing 13,550 baht to the bank AND the lady boy. 

Mr Field said he has common sense but suffers from an anxiety disorder that lends him to being forgetful and inattentive. This played a part in him losing his wallet. 

The police are involved and Mr Field, who lives in Makkasan in Bangkok, is in possession of a copy of the thief’s Thai ID card. 

He provided Thaivisa with this – it is in the name of Kemiga Sookasem.

He also provided Thaivisa with the receipt for the cash at 7-Eleven.

He said he wants to get his 5,000 baht back adding that it is not an insignificant sum for a retiree. 

He has been living full time in Thailand for the last six years. 


On Tuesday afternoon Mr Field expanded on his story with these statements:

“At approximately 3:30am 23 Jan, in Patong Phuket, on Soi Banzaan,  I had a lapse of attention and was pick-pocketed, from my shoulder bag, of about 5000 baht cash and a VISA credit card. I discovered the theft later in the day by checking unauthorized bank charges and collected evidence and ID information from the guest house and bar where this occurred. I reported the theft to the Patong police dept and supplied copies of my bank statements and the time of each transaction, a total of 5. Three were from local 7-11s, and two were merchants I did not know. During my interview the police showed me the past criminal record of the perpetrator including phone number. An officer tried to call her but no answer. Later that night I collected information from 2 of the 7-11s, but they would not let me see the camera footage of the fraudulent transactions. One employee recognized the person’s ID and said she came there every night. I asked her to call me next time she came in. The employee called me that night and we almost caught her, but I was too far away and she escaped. I subsequently contacted the 7-11 corporate office but have not heard back. My bank has  reversed the charges, and when 7-11 sees how much it lost perhaps they will take this seriously, probably starting by firing and perhaps arresting employees who handed out cash advances under suspicious circumstances. I intent to more aggressively pursue 7-11 regarding this, but obviously am at a disadvantage due to language and other hurdles as a foreigner.  

He continued: 

“One of my concerns is whether the police ever intended to investigate this in spite of the person having been positively identified with corroborating evidence on video at every merchant where the card was used.  Another is to address why a 7-11 employee would hand 13000 baht over the counter as a cash advance in spite of it being an American card name but signed in Thai characters. I suspect 7-11 of complicity”.

It has been further pointed out that the Thai signature does not appear to tally with the lady boy’s ID card name. 

Mr Field sent the following email to his bank:

Because of unfamiliarity with some of the merchant locations, added to the language barriers I only have these two physical receipts. However, if you are able to contact the merchants themselves they will gladly cooperate and provide videos of the perpetrator as well as all records and receipts. I have emailed the 7-11 district office about this and am awaiting a reply. Not a single one of these merchants asked for ID or checked signature, even though my name was clearly male and she was female (transgender). In one of these cases no signature at all was obtained nor ID checked, in the other you can see a “signature” in Thai letters on an obviously American name and account. This was in fact a cash payment made to the perpetrator, 13550 Thai Baht or 427.54 USD. That receipt is clearly marked as a sale of “relative goods” and not a cash advance, and it is likely that a 7-11 employee willfully participated in this fraud. The signature was a made up Thai name. The perpetrator has a police record with the Patong police in Phuket Thailand. It’s clear that none of the merchants attempted to verify ID or signature”. 

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