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Thailand Social Distancing: Is it Working?

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Thailand Social Distancing: Is it Working? | Samui Times
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In a recent video by blogger and YouTuber, Manit Monsur shows us what social distancing is really like in the highly populated city of Bangkok .

Yesterday, was the first day, after 48 days of lockdown, the Chatuchak weekend market, was allowed to re-open.

Throughout the video, you can see Manit walking through the busy market.

Although many people were wearing face masks, it is quite apparent that not so many people were strictly following distancing protocols.

Upon entry of the market, Security staff have been placed to ensure everyone is also wearing masks and check people temperatures.

Many of the stores within the Chatuchak market have yet to re-open, but those that are open were more or less filled with eager shoppers.

When walking through the streets of the market you can see bunches of people walking together, some even brushing shoulders.

Check out some more of Manit Monsur videos on youtube HERE

So, how many people actually following the social distancing measure?

According to the latest survey conducted by the Department of Mental Health.

The department conducted the survey last week among 26,000 respondents. The study’s goal was to find out the appropriate measures needed to push the campaign to exceed the 80% milestone.

The Ministry of Public Health says …

“Social distancing is a very powerful tool to fight against Covid-19 and this weapon needs the engagement of all Thais.”

When asked about the practice of social distancing, 71% of respondents said they have avoided crowds, 24.7% admitted sometimes they need to mingle and the rest admitted to no change in behavior.

Approximately 68% of respondents said they always kept a two-meter distance from others, 26.6% admitted they do it sometimes, while the rest said they ignored the distancing protocol.

Some 82% of respondents said they always wear a protective mask when leaving home, while 14% said they wore masks occasionally when outside. Only 0.5% said they never wore masks.

When it comes to washing their hands regularly, 90.5% of respondents said they did so, while 90% also said they use serving spoons when eating with others. “From this survey, it is fair to say that over 90% of participants are cooperative with the government, and only a small minority are non-compliant,” he said.

The survey also found the majority of Thais are not panic-stricken by Covid-19, As 70% of respondents, their concern over Covid-19 is moderate, which means they are neither panicking nor carefree.

Some 76% said they are moderately fearful of Covid-19 disease, while 18% admitted they are gripped with fear. Another 5.6% said their concern over the global pandemic is low.

Although the survey shows that the majority of Thais are cohering with the outlined safety measures, throughout the video it would seem that not so many are following social distancing measure, at least when it comes to the Chatuchak market in Bangkok.

Covid-19 Cases

As of yesterday, there have been 5 new confirmed Covid-19 cases, bring the total in Thailand to 3,009.

3 of the 5 cases were Thai nationals who tested positive after showing symptoms while in state quarantine.

They had both recently returned from overseas travel: one from the United Arab Emirates, and two from Pakistan.

There were no additional deaths, leaving the death toll at 56.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Bangkok Post

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  • Total Cases: 3261
  • Active Cases: 98
  • Recovered: 3105
  • Deaths: 58
  • Last Updated: 23-07-2020 at 04:12