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A big thank you from the Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation Samui

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A big thank you from the Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation Samui | Samui Times
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This time we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the many volunteers who’ve been coming from all over the world during the last few months. Beside our ‘old bunnies’ Bärbel & Günter and 10-year long volunteers Jay and Linda, we have seen a huge number of people visiting the shelter from one day to people who stayed up to several months. Volunteers at the Dog and Cat Rescue can do many different things to help; from cleaning, feeding to washing dogs, cleaning out eyes or small wounds or just give their time to individuals who sit in a box all day long. It’s been great to see changes in many dogs who were dealing for example with physical problems and enjoyed daily walking training with the dog cat 1volunteers or special massaging. Like Jenny from Switzerland worked with many depressed dogs during her stay and dog cat 2has made a great difference while her friend Stephan spent most of his volunteer-time in the big compounds, cleaning out uncountable dogs’ eyes, which would have otherwise been sticky for days-just to mention one thing. Julia and Michael (picture on the left) have spent several hours taking out ticks from this dog who Jay brought in and taken straight into an isolated part of the puppy house. Thousands of ticks covered this dog that had already given up on life. Thanks to intense treatment and a lot of time with our animal lovers at the shelter, this dog has found hope and is fighting to make it through. Even several paralyzed dogs have made it back on their paws thanks to the daily training and love of our volunteers.

We have made a video about volunteering, check it out on this: page

July Operation list

Female dogs – 120

Male dog – 9

Female cats 21

Male cats 6,

Other 7

Thank you very much for all your help. We hope we can count on your continued support so that we can make even more progress in the future. We believe our efforts to make Koh Samui more animal-friendly have made it a happier and safer place for tourists, for which the tourists are grateful. Our four-legged friends are most grateful for your contribution!

Best wishes

Brigitte and the DCRFS – Team

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