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A journey of discovering into Tarot with Sharan Kaur

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A journey of discovering into Tarot with Sharan Kaur | Samui Times
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While most people have heard about the Tarot in Samui, only a few really understand about readings and what they can and cannot do. Luckily for our readers the Samui Times was given a unique opportunity to discover more about this fascinating subject from Sharan, a lady who has been conducting readings for people from all over the world since 2001. Her clientele comprises of people of all ages and professions, and due to her level of accuracy her services are rarely advertised and much sought after. Below is an interview conducted with Sharan that will offer you a unique insight into the Tarot and Sharan herself.

sharanThank you very much for agreeing to do an interview with the Samui Times. Can you tell us how and when you discovered Tarot?

I was working part time for a new age shop starting in my early twenties while I studied for a degree. Many tarot/ psychic readers came through, a lot from all over the world. We offered all sorts of things like reiki/healing sessions, psychic readings, massages, meditation classes the whole lot. So that was my first introduction to the esoteric world if you would like to call it that. I always found the pictures on the tarot cards fascinating and how these readers were able to sort of ‘tell a story’ from them. One day, I decided to get myself a deck. I started reading the book that came with it. At the time, I also had a classmate who was a Tibetan Rinpoche and we hung out a lot. He told me to give him a reading one day and I tried. And that was when he mentioned I had guidance from a Tibetan goddess called Tara. I had many times ‘seen/ envisioned’ a mystical lady in my mediation sessions but took no real notice of it. I then tried doing 3 card readings for people and they found it really accurate. So that was when I decided to go for some proper tarot learning workshops. I kind of picked up a few skills from there. And I developed my own layouts as well as I went along. It’s basically been a kind of a trial and error thing with the laying out of the cards and creating my own style. I have now used the style of reading that I do at present for the last 12 or so years.

tarotHow did you learn to interpret the cards?

In the beginning you need to spend some time studying the cards. There is a lot of detail on these cards and I feel the best way to begin is really to not read the book that comes with most of these decks. Look at each card and interpret what it means to you for a start and then read the interpretation in the book. I sometimes find myself disagreeing with what is described in these books. It’s all about what the cards mean to you. But of course sometimes the card needs to be interpreted in the context of the surrounding cards as well and not on its own. It’s best to understand the basic meaning of each card but also add your own interpretation. This way you can work on sharpening your intuition. The hardest thing for any new reader is to trust what they are reading and not feel like they are blabbering rubbish. So just say what comes and your confidence will build over time. For me, on top of interpreting the cards I also get visions with my strong sense of intuition. So it could be different for other people.

What kind of things can the Tarot tell us about our lives and future?

The tarot helps me to understand characters and personalities. Some examples are, I get employers wanting to understand the personalities they have interviewed and need guidance who is the best candidate, people wanting to understand their colleagues and what they think of them or people wanting to know about potential partners.

It can also help you to understand why certain things happened in the past and what is the lesson to be learned from them. Understand why things are happening in the present. And also what is going to take place in the near future. Predictions can be in terms of people entering their lives, places they going to be, love lives, finances, career or business and even health issues.

It can help someone to make a decision if they are at a crossroads and knowing what each action will lead them to will help them make the best decision possible. I have even done readings for animals. I had a jockey once who wanted readings to know about the well being of his horse. So it’s possible to use the Tarot for anything actually. It provides a guidance as to the best course of action to take.

Where did Tarot cards originate from?

As far as i know the Tarot orginated from Europe. I haven’t actually explored where and the actual history of it as I have been far more interested in interpreting them and the layouts. But i found this wikipedia link for you: 

Are there many different styles of Tarot cards?

Oh yes there are and in many languages too. I have met many other readers who read the same cards in all sorts of languages. It feels very universal.

Again I haven’t done too much research into this but i have always tried to look out for esoteric shops wherever I travel to.

The tarot is based on the original playing cards and has 4 suits which make up its minor arcana and there are 22 trump cards which make up its major arcana. The major arcana tells you about life’s main issues while the minor arcana elaborates on those life issues. So all the tarot cards are based on this. The only thing different will be the artwork on each card. You may find that with some decks the same card may have slightly different interpretations.

 How accurate at the cards?

The cards are just a tool for the reader really. The level of accuracy comes from the reader itself. The better their sense of intuition is then the more accurate their reading will be. But of course this will get better with experience.

How do you pick cards for a reading if you are in another part of the world for a reading?

For me I don’t really need to have that person physically before me to do the reading. We have Skype these days and a video call is all i need. But once I have seen the person I can do the next reading without having the person before me in the flesh or on Skype. My layouts are based on the date of birth of the client. So each reading is quite customised to that specific person. So it doesn’t matter where I am in the world the readings will be just the same.

How specific can those wishing to have a reading make their questions?

The more specific the question the better. Vague questions can be quite difficult to answer at times. So if you can provide a clear description of someone or give a very clear description of a circumstance you will be able to get a much more precise answer.

How often should one have a reading?

I would recommend not more than 2 in a year. Ideally it should be 1 in a year but some people may have noticed a change in a circumstance and feel the need for another one during the year.

Can the Tarot warn of illness or death?

Yes it can. But I usually tend to avoid talking about death as I do feel there is a higher power than me to decide that. But if I notice that there is something the client can do to improve their health situation I will definitely offer that advice. I am not a qualified doctor so do not give advice on medication but it’s mostly diet and lifestyle changes that I can talk about in the reading. But whatever it is I always encourage the client get the expert opinion of a doctor.

What do you say to people who think the Tarot is some sort of black magic?

That is absolute nonsense. Tarot has been linked to Wicca and white witchcraft but it’s nothing like what you see in the movies. It all depends on the reader and the kind of guidance they receive. But none of it is ever black magic. Tarot originated from the concept of basic playing cards and was used as playing cards until someone discovered its use as a divination tool.

 How can having regular Tarot readings enhance your life?

I think having readings makes you more aware of why things happen the way they do. As a lot of us then tend to ask questions like ‘why me?’ when something negative happens. Tarot then comes in as a tool to help you understand the situation and it makes you more aware of what you need to do in the future. As a tarot reader you just help to sharpen your own instincts and create more awareness for yourself. So you begin to trust yourself more. So it is indeed a good tool all around.

Do you feel a personal connection with your clients?

Yes you need to. Some people come to you with a wall before them. And they seem to be ‘testing’ you. I have got one or two of these sort of clients in the past. I usually don’t go ahead with such readings and give a refund. Reason being I feel they are not ready to know what is before them and I won’t be able to offer any help to them.

 How can our readers get in touch with you if they would like a reading?

There are several ways. I have a website

You may leave a message there or just send me an email at

How long does a reading take?

The reading usually takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

What form does the reading take? I.E Skype, email etc

My readings are mostly conducted via Skype. There are the odd ones who are not very tech savvy and prefer a face to face meet. But this seems to be getting rarer since I started offering the Skype option. I usually provide a recording of the session which is sent via email to the client.

Thank you very much for talking to us today.

For more information or to take part in your own personal reading please click here to visit Sharans website.



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