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A message for members of the Green Market

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A message for members of the Green Market | Samui Times
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Dear friends of the Samui Green Market

We’ve held over half a year of regular Samui Green Markets at Elysia and we’d like to do more on social media and at the market to promote our loyal vendors.

We’d like to share news about you on our Facebook page as well as at the green market. 
We believe this will help your business, and help us establish a stronger presence for the Green Market on our island.

For that, we’d love you to give us some information we can use to tell your story.

We can also meet with you to get more information in time, but for the moment, can you fill in some background for us? 

Please don’t worry if you can’t complete every question – at least give us what you can….
Please return this form to us by June 30. Thank you!

1. Business name

2. Owner / Contact person

3. Phone / Email

4. Tell us a little of your story? How you came to live on Samui/ open this business.

5. Main product or service

6. Opening hours

7. What make your business become “GREEN”

8. What do you think is interesting for customers to know about your business?

(we encourage you to mention any number of ideas)

9. Any other information you’d like us to know

Pictures needed

1. Business logo

2. Business picture (can you send us at least 6 pics?)

3. Google map link / address details
Best regards,
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