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A New Normal As Thai Malls Reopen

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A New Normal As Thai Malls Reopen | Samui Times
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As yesterday marked the re-opening of shopping malls in Thailand, those who entered had to adapt to retail therapy looking a bit daunting.

Long lines of masked customers had to go through disinfection, temperature checks and photos before they were allowed to enter Bangkok’s luxurious malls.

Despite all of the restrictions, which include some food courts featuring mobile robots taking customers’ temperatures, capacity limits, no alcohol sales, plastic restaurant table dividers, some shoppers remain optimistic.

Shopper Taewich Penpattakul said he was “not really worried” about contracting COVID-19 because of Thailand’s low caseload.

“Mentally, it makes me feel better that all the malls are now opened,” the 23-year-old told AFP.

The government has appeared to take note of the public’s desire to return to a normal life and has tried to implement measures to allow that to happen. On top of social distancing and hygiene precautions, retailers and shoppers are also encouraged to check in digitally via a tracking app that will send a message if someone with Covid-19 is discovered in a certain area of the mall.

Regardless of the new measures, retailers indicate there will be a long recovery time from the economic downfall as analysts predict a six percent shrinkage in the economy- the steepest drop since the crisis in 1997.

With most malls being highly dependant on Chinese spenders, who are currently unable to enter Thailand until at least July, profits may be a long way away after Covid-19 wreaked havoc on the Kingdom’s economy.

SOURCE: The Jakarta Post

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