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A special offer for Samui Residents from Pure Detox

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A special offer for Samui Residents from Pure Detox | Samui Times
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We would like to offer our Samui Residents the chance to experience our 21 day health and fitness program at a price more suited to those living and working on the Island.

So we have put together a special program at an amazing price that is available to all Samui Residents.


Starting – Monday, November 11th 2014

21 Days – Fully Supported Program

2 Days – Pre Cleanse

Daily Fresh Juice and Fresh Soup
Plus a recommendation of what to eat for dinner.

10 Days – Detox Juice Fast
Daily Fresh Juice, Detox Supplements & Herbal Teas.

2 Days – Post Cleanse

Daily Fresh Juice and Fresh Soup
Plus a recommendation of what to eat for dinner.

7 Days – Healthy Eating

Includes Daily Fresh Juice, Support plus recommendations of what to eat during the day including a detailed plan to continue living a healthier life without feeling like you are missing out on your favorite treats.

Additional Add On’s to the Program

Fitness Package

Includes 6 hours of exercise per week for 3 weeks
Guided walks & beach workouts

Colon Cleanse Package

Includes Colonic Irrigation during the fasting days we recommended a minimum of 5 colonics for a 10 day Fast

Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

A full cleanse of the liver and Gallbladder using Magnesium Sulphate and Liver Cleanse Drink


21 Day Program – 15,000 THB

Fitness Package – 5,000 THB

Colon Cleanse Package – 300 THB per Colonic

Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse – 1,000 THB


Pay for the 21 day Program plus the Fitness Package & Recommended Colon Cleanse Package – 21,500 THB and we will include our Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse for free.

During our 21 day program you will be given advise and support to help you to continue living a healthy life that is realistic to your lifestyle.


Why 21 days?

Health authorities state that it takes at least 21 days to break a habit, after this your mind and body will have formed a new habit that is healthier.

I cannot give up 21 days due to work commitments?

Speak to us as we may be able to adjust the start and finish time for you or offer a shorter program.

Can I follow the program and still work?

Yes, but this will depend what you do for a living, for instance if you have a very physical job then we will recommend a different program.

How much weight can I expect to loose?

If you stick to the full program then you can expect to loose between 7 and 15 Kilos.

Do I have to do a Colon Cleanse?

Although we do recommend our colon cleanse during your fasting days it is not compulsory, but we do encourage you to try. If you have concerns then please speak to us.

It’s not right to not eat for 10 days?

Our program is designed to provide you with enough essential nutrients during your fast. We promise that after the 1st day of fasting you won’t be hungry. Our digestive systems are extremely adaptable and during the fasting days your system with simply stop asking for food. Which allows your body to cleanse naturally.


If you are in doubt at all please feel free to contact us with any questions.

email –

Tel – 089 873 0017


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