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A Sunday Brunch at Portofino Baywater Resort – Koh Samui

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A Sunday Brunch at Portofino Baywater Resort – Koh Samui | Samui Times
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What a marvellous concept is brunch, a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, great food and drinks served at your leisure from late morning until the early afternoon. The term ‘brunch’ was coined originally as a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch in England in the brunch bw 1late nineteenth century. Eliminating the need to get up early on Sunday, brunch would make life brighter for Saturday night carousers. Cheerful, sociable and inciting, brunch is talk compelling, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings and sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.

The Baywater Resort is set in one of Samui’s quietest areas in Choeng Mon, with the bump and grind of Chaweng just minutes away should you be so inclined. They have been fully operative since January of this year and are now introducing Sunday brunch to the list of special events held at their magnificent ‘Poolside’ restaurant.

This a very different concept on the brunch twist so often promoted as a raucous 18-30’s style barbecue and booze affair offered by brunch bw 2other establishments on the island. Here at Baywater the theme is family orientated with a dedicated area for children monitored by caring considerate staff leaving parents free to soak up the relaxed atmosphere and kick back into Sunday for as long as they choose. The very spacious seating arrangements either by the pool or inside the covered but fully open restaurant give you a sense of freedom to really do as you please and to fully appreciate the well thought out public areas which flow so harmoniously around the crystal clear and vast swimming pool.

Head chef Joseph is Maltese and has brought with him that essential Mediterranean philosophy of fresh simple and tasty produce with a superlative style of presentation that is a real feast for the eyes. The choice of delectable food on offer is quite awe inspiring and I would defy anyone not to be able to find something to suit their palate.

brunch bw 3The cullinary adventure starts with an introductory glass of Champagne and from there the world is literally your oyster. Joseph has introduced several food stations that cater to a single type or style of food. A particular favourite of mine is the Sushi and Sashimi bar offering delicate slices of fine Tuna, Salmon and the irresistible hickory smoked Snowfish served on cool nearly transparent slices of cucumber or wrapped in fluffy rice and Japanese Nori seaweed. The huge oysters and green lipped mussels tasted exactly as they should do, nothing but a breath of pure ocean. Joseph’s homemade pates were indeed evocative of simple Mediterranean flavours and goodness, the chicken liver in particular had a perfect blend of herbs and spices to enhance rather than mask the ensemble. Here also was to be found an entire Parma ham and various Salami’s whose aroma could not help but get the mouth watering. The cheese station was resplendent with ‘running off the plate’ perfectly ripe Bries, goat cheese, Gorgonzola and delightfully, a cheese made in house from a recipe handed down to Joseph by his grandmother, quite unique and delicious. It is a measure of the chef’s commitment to sourcing quality produce in knowing that he has delivered everyday fresh milk from cows that graze the pastureland near Chumphon before working his magic and transforming it into this Maltese speciality.

brunch bw4Dotted about the elegant hardwood patio area surrounding the pool are yet further food stations offering; Eggs Benedict prepared with either smoked ham, crab or smoked fish all topped off with an unctuous Hollondaise sauce. Traditional barbecue with joints of Black Angus beef, roast lamb, honey glazed ham and a glorious whole baked Alaskan salmon. The barbecue area also featured fresh seafood, lobster, crab, squid or beautifully flaky fillets of Red Snapper. As if this wasn’t enough, choice really is the watchword here, an East meets West station catered to traditional Thai favourites including; Pad Thai, garlic and pepper pork and sweet and sour fish with crunchy red and yellow peppers.

Should you have room after all this, the signature dessert station had individually made shot glass servings of; coffee tiramisu, mango passion fruit Bavarois, lemon meringue and, (I will go out on a limb here) probably the most wonderful chocolate mousse to be found on the island.

brunch bw5The friendly, efficient and exceptionally knowledgable staff combined with poolside music from ‘Thai Samile’ offering up leisurely Sunday mood music, just add that touch of comfort whether you have been out ‘carousing’ the night before or simply because it’s the weekend and you deserve it.

I really can’t think of anything that the Baywater team have omitted in offering this spectacular Sunday spread, they merit every success and with the added incentive for residents of a 10% discount card the already affordable 1500THB per person just got better.

Neil Cretney

For more information about Baywater click here to visit their website

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