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A weekend of chaos for foreigners in Pattaya

Samui Times Editor



A weekend of chaos for foreigners in Pattaya | Samui Times
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An American woman caused chaos on the roads of Pattaya this weekend after she was involved in a crash with another vehicle. After the incident she refused to get out of her car and drove off at speed in the direction of North Pattaya against the flow of traffic. The woman drove so chaotically she managed to damage thirteen other vehicles and injure two people before she was finally brought to a stop thirty minutes after the original incident, when the police were finally forced to shoot the tyres of her car to make her stop. Even then she refused to leave her vehicle and was arrested after police smashed the passenger side window. Reports suggest that the woman, who was very distraught after being arrested, was fined and ordered to pay for the damage she caused to other vehicles as well as the medical bills of the two she injured.

Meanwhile on Saturday, in Central Pattaya, the body of a 34 year old Russian man was discovered in a second floor apartment complex. The death is being treated as a homicide. The grim discovery was made when the man did not check out of his room as expected on Saturday. The man, who had been dead for a round two days, had suffered multiple stab wounds to his neck and blows to his face.

A staff member told police he had checked in with three other Russians who had rented two rooms between them. The other three had checked out about a week earlier bound for Bangkok. They are now all suspects in the murder of the victim.

In a separate incident in Central Pattaya a British man was assaulted by three Thai men outside a convenience store. The police who were called at around 3am on Saturday morning said the victim, who had been drinking, suffered a head injury and cuts to his face.

A staff member told police that the man had come into the store begging for help, before he was dragged outside by the assailants. Police are now examining CCTV footage and trying to establish a motive for the attack, so far no arrests have been made.


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