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A woman or child is raped every 15 minutes in Thailand – study shows

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A woman or child is raped every 15 minutes in Thailand – study shows | Samui Times
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Statistics issued jointly by the national research institute and the national police bureau show that a woman or child is raped in Thailand almost every 15 minutes.

There were approximately 30,000 rape cases per year or 82 per day in the period from 2009 to 2013.

And a new study from the protection agency for women and children called the Paweena Foundation has revealed details of rape reports from last year along with information regarding use of the death penalty.

Some 656 cases of rape were reported to the Paweena Foundation in 2015. The age range of victims was 1 year and 8 months to 81 years.

The three groups committing the most rapes were 1. Step fathers 2. Friends of the victims and 3. Neighbors (step fathers being the worst culprits).

The foundation cited several main reasons for rape – male dominance in society over women; media influence such as scenes on television soaps showing leading men raping women; rapists with mental problems who themselves were abused as children; the influence of drugs in society; and the vulnerability of some rape victims.

The death penalty exists for those convicted in cases of rape/murder but since 1999 admissions have meant that only life sentences have been handed down.

The foundation noted that there have been vociferous calls in society for the death penalty to be mandatory for cases of rape/murder especially when a child is involved.

But the foundation has cautioned that such a policy would lead to more rape victims being murdered in order to cover up crime and may be counterproductive.

A Cambodian child of just one year and five months was raped in Chonburi this week by a Thai stepfather who has admitted his crime. The child is fighting for her life in hospital.

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