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Accident victim Stu Kyffin is back in the UK after being medevaced from Samui

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Accident victim Stu Kyffin is back in the UK after being medevaced from Samui | Samui Times
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An update from David Kyffin

My brother flew from Thailand into Doncaster Airport late tonight and is now safe in Scunthorpe General Hospital. I did not want to inform anyone of the plans because until the plane actually took off it was far from certain that the medevac would have been possible and so to prevent disappointment I took this decision.

Achieving this miraculous feat was only possible because of the unbelievable selfless sacrifice you have made for Stu. My brother was a brave soldier who proudly served his country, he would be proud to know that his country has acknowledged so fervently the sacrifices he made.

Stu Medevac 3The company responsible for the medevac was Amvale, based in Scunthorpe. They carried out Stu’s medevac without making a penny profit and indeed the medical team worked without pay because they believed so passionately in our cause. A massive thank you to the staff at Amvale particularly Pete Brown who dealt with all logistics, Dr Mathew Todd who coordinated all medical matters and Dr Moe Thant who was in charge of the medical team that carried out Stu’s repatriation. Without their tireless work and unbelievable dedication Stu would still be in Thailand and I would have been forced to place him into a hospital lacking the expertise to care for him properly.

A massive personal thanks also to Sara Burtt who works for Amvale. It was she who approached the company management team at Amvale, explained the situation and got them to agree to this. On behalf of me and my family Sara thank you, we will never forget this.

We have achieved so much in this short period of time but our fight for Stu must continue. The aim of our campaign is to medevac Stu and raise enough money to pay for his medical treatment and care both in Thailand and in the UK. We have against all odds achieved the medevac and our target of £100 000 was smashed today due to an anonymous donation of £50 000 for which I will be forever grateful. However I would ask that Stu Medevac 2you continue the fight in order to facilitate my brother’s long road to recovery. Please do not wane in your enthusiasm for our campaign; the amazing fundraising events that you have organised must still go ahead as they are as important now as they ever were. Your donations also remain crucial to our effort; please continue to contribute whatever amount you can afford as every penny will make a difference.

As I reflect now on our achievements so far one thing is very apparent to me. Any one of us could find ourselves in a position similar to Stu and it is comforting to know that if we did we could surely rely on the unflinching loyalty of our regimental brotherhood, the support of our armed forces family and of course the generosity of the great British public. We should all take pride in knowing that we are part of a nation that holds the virtues of loyalty, honour and self sacrifice in such high esteem.

Stu MedevacWords cannot convey the personal debt of gratitude my family owes to each and every one of you that has supported us during this terrible time. It is a debt that is impossible to repay and we are honoured and privileged to have friends of your calibre.

Finally, our fight for Stu continues. He deserves our best and we must continue to give it no matter how hard the journey seems. Thank you for your overwhelming support which I know you will continue to give until our task is complete.

Yours with pride Dave Kyffin.
Here are the names of all team members that made this possible:

Matthew Todd …Clinical Lead AMVALE LIMITED, Doctor Moe Thant ..Operational Medical Lead NLAG, Mark Champagne – Operations Executive – Flightserve Medical Air Charter LLP,
Johann Pillai – Principal at Flightserve, Peter Brown..Managing Director..Operational Manager for task AMVALE LIMITED, Sara Burt ..HDU Ambulance Crew, Chris Walker …HDU Ambulance Crew.

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