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Accused in the Koh Tao murder case may be prosecuted at court hearing tomorrow

Samui Times Editor



Accused in the Koh Tao murder case may be prosecuted at court hearing tomorrow | Samui Times

Tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd of December the two suspects in the Koh Tao murder case Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo (Win) will attend the Koh Samui Provincial Court at 9am. It is unclear at this time whether the prosecutor will request a 6th bail detention extension or prosecute. The Samui prosecutor said on Friday that the men will be prosecuted by the end of this week, having accepted the case that he previously passed back to the police for further investigation when it was presented to his office.

On Wednesday the 26th of November the court refused the two men bail. It had been reported that the Myanmar Government had prepared two million baht, however today it has been clarified that the Myanmar Government did not submit the bail guarantee in court. The accused had expected to receive bail.

The Migrant Workers Rights Network, who have been visiting the men in jail, today reported that the accused has now asked them to provide funds for bedding , something they had previously not requested, choosing to sleep on the floor under the impression they were soon to be released.

The organization also supplied food, books and letters of support for the two men as well giving them a verbal assurance that their parents were being taken care of practically and financially, something both boys have had grave concerns about as the work they do in Thailand provides an income for their families who are unable to financially provide for themselves. Mr. Zaw Lin had particular concerns for his mother, he told the judge during a hearing that he was very concerned that he could not work in jail and provide money for his mother, his father he said died some time ago, and he is the sole provider for his mother.

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