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Add some magic to your next party with Samui Ice Carvings

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Add some magic to your next party with Samui Ice Carvings | Samui Times
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There is something about ice sculptures that seems to have a little magic that rubs off on all of those who come into contact with them. An elegant ice sculpture can transform any party into something magical and they certainly add a touch of class.

Samui Ice Carvings can help you add a touch of magic to parties, birthdays, anniversaries, company events and any other occasions with unique and professional carved sculptures.

The Samui Times caught up with Oli Johnson of Samui Ice Carvings to find out a bit more about this unique concept.

Where did the idea of the ice carvings come from?

Samui Ice Carvings came about because of the numerous enquiries I received for the service through working with ice for Bar Ice Samui

Ice carving 3 Where do you get the ice used for the carvings from?

The ice can be made in house, or can be purchased from the ice factory on the island, both ice’s are crystal clear

What kind of carvings can you make?

we can make anything from shot luges, weddings displays, catering accessories like oyster and sushi bars, all the way up to full sized ice bars!

How long does a carving take?

That depends on the size and detail of the carving. On average a single detailed block of ice, weighing around 140kg will take around an hour but again it depends on the finer details.

Can you transport the carvings or do you carve them onsite at the venue?

Both. We can transpice carving 2ort the ice carvings,but it’s a very difficult job as the ice is very heavy and also very fragile, we do allow for pick up but we stress about great care must be taken. We do offer the option for live ice carving at events also. This is a great way for customers to see the plain block of ice transform into an amazing piece of art. And of course this is a great talking point for any event

Can you use different coloured ice?

We can colour the ice using different dyes, we can also encase flowers and other objects within the ice. But this is a painstakingly long process and would need to be confirmed a few weeks prior to the event,

How long do ice carvings last?

An ice carving will generally last around 4-5 hours outside in the evening depending on the size and location. If its inside an aircon room then it will last longer. It actually just depends on the density of the ice and the temperature around it. An ice luge we recently created was in an oven of a room lasted around 4 hours. MorIce carving 4e than enough time to enjoy the shots!

What kind of occasions call for ice sculptures?

They are great for any special occasion really, from birthdays and parties to weddings and catering buffets. The only thing that limits us is the customers imagination.

Can customers create their own designs or do they need to choose one of yours?

Any design is possible, as said before the only limitation is your imagination. As long it’s not anything near on impossible like a full scale Taj Mahal!

How long in advance do carvings need to be ordered?

We prefer to take our orders at least 2 weeks before delivery. Although late orders can be done there maybe some surcharge depending on the order.

Are they expensive?

They are not expensive. They are actually some of the cheapest ice carvings you will find globally. Most ice sculptures in western countries start from around 15000 baht. Ours can start from as little as 4000.

To find out more about Samui Ice Carvings you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here

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