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Alcohol ban opposed by brewer

Samui Times Editor



Alcohol ban opposed by brewer | Samui Times
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The proposed ban on selling alcohol within 300 meters and college campuses has angered Thai Asia Pacific Breweries (TAP) who produce Tiger, Cheers Beer, Tiger and Heineken. TAP released a statement saying that they believe the proposal is unnecessary and ill conceived. Their reasoning behind the statement is their belief that moving the point of sale will not discourage underage individuals to purchase alcohol but simply make them find an alternative place to purchase it, making it ill conceived and unnecessary due to laws already in place restricting the purchase of alcohol to those under 20. TAP believe that rather than creating new laws the existing ones should be enforced.

TAP also believe the move will negatively impact consumers who do have the right to purchase alcohol and merchants who have the right to sell it in areas the government are proposing to ban alcohol sales.

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