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Alcohol sales banned on Vesak Day

Samui Times Editor



Alcohol sales banned on Vesak Day | Samui Times
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The Ministry of Interior has instructed all agencies under its supervision to closely monitor entertainment venues, hotels and liquor shops across the country to make sure they abide by the alcohol-control law on Vesak Day.

According to deputy permanent- secretary of the Ministry of Interior Apinan Suethanuwong, sales of alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited during Vesak Day. The ban is in line with the alcohol beverage control act BE 2551 (2008) which stipulates that sales or consumption of alcoholic beverages are disallowed on important religious days. Those caught having violated the law will be persecuted.

Vesak Day marks the days of birth, enlightenment and passing of Buddha. It is traditionally observed by Buddhists in different parts of the world. In Thailand, Vesak Day this year falls on June 1. The Ministry of Interior plays a leading role in the celebration of this important day by holding 12-day activities across the country starting from May 29 until June 9.

Aside from joining the merit-making campaign launched by the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Apinan said the general public could help improve society by simply taking part in useful activities they prefer, such as doing community work for the underprivileged or making donations.


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