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“Alien” ice cream owner disappears into thin air!

Samui Times Editor



“Alien” ice cream owner disappears into thin air! | Samui Times
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Public health officials reacted quickly at the weekend after a Chiang Mai quack doctor tried to sell something the media called “Alien Ice-cream”.

imageAdvertisements for the “cure-all” ice cream came out of an organisation run by self styled extra-terrestrial guru “Mor Kaen” otherwise known as Thanathat Torbunsitthikorn.

Thanathat claims to believe that the earths magnetic field can be utilized to save the planet from all manner of ills.

According to his Facebook ad all you had to do was send him 500 baht and he would deliver the alien ice cream to you and that would be the end of your health worries – it was “yummy, think and creamy and fragrant” and, of course, enhanced with the power of the earth’s magnetic field.

Chiang Mai public health went to a town home in an estate on Mahidol Road and found no one home.

They intend to charge Thanathat with “excessive” advertising and producing a foodstuff for sale without a license.

Thanathat was at the center of controversy years ago when he tried to sell a magnetic field enhanced beverage to make money, reported Sanook.


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