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All about burgers and our competition

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All about burgers and our competition | Samui Times
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The USA is commonly thought of as the mother land of the burger, and over the last decade it would be hard to find a serious chef who has not taken a shot at reinventing it. The perfect grind of beef, the perfect pickles and ketchup have all come under the scrutiny of masters chefs and bakers the world over have set out to create the perfect burger bun!
According to the New York Times the burgers upward journey towards the fine dining tables began eight years ago when Daniel Boulud stuffed ground sirloin with truffles, braised short ribs and foie gras at his DB Bistro Moderne in Manhattan.
Some top Chefs quietly brood about the never ending demand for burgers, some however are more philosophical and quietly accept they will always face frustrations the buying public bring with them and continue to produce whatever it is they choose to eat.
So what is the perfect burger? Well according to top chefs the burger should be consistently juicy, perfectly seasoned and precisely medium-rare. The patty should be charred on the outside and rosy pink from edge to edge. To achieve this you must treat a burger patty the way a chef would treat a steak. Put a good hard sear on both sides using a plancha, then transfer the burger to a hot oven to finish cooking. When it comes out the burger should be rested while the bun and last minute lettuce salad are put together.
But no matter what the top chefs think, everybody has their own ideas about what makes the prefect burger, Australians do not consider a burger a burger until it has a slice of beetroot inside, A Russian burger is a flavored meat patty that is typically consumed as a main course with no bread, but vegetables or grain on the side. And In 2012 a study revealed that the French consumed more burgers than any other European country and a number of high-end Parisian restaurants now serve hamburgers, including one with three Michelin stars that offers a burger and French fires for €42!
This week the Samui Times are running a poll to discover the most popular burger in Koh Samui. To nominate your favorite burger outlet and to vote please visit our Facebook poll , that will be open for six more days before the winner is announced.

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