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All is forgiven after shamed Thai TV star becomes a monk

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All is forgiven after shamed Thai TV star becomes a monk | Samui Times
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The celebrity actor and presenter at the center of the case where he was caught on video making a motorcycle rider kowtow to his Mini has predictably become a monk for a while.

celeb-monkOn Sunday he was pictured on a couple of Instagram sites of his celebrity friends having his head shaved and doing some “graaping” (kowtowing) of his own, reports Thairath.

But it was not to the man who he humiliated and assaulted. Nott – otherwise known as Akkranat Ariyaritwikun – just paid the ultimate respect to his own mother and father before he took on the saffron robes.

The ceremony was held at a Buddhist retreat in Chiang Rai.

He will now be referred to as “Phra Nott” or Monk Nott.

The actor and celebrity caused a storm of criticism earlier this month when he became known as “Nott Graap Rot”. He was caught on tape assaulting a man who ended up with a broken nose and who was made to kowtow to his “luxury” Mini car.

Celebrity friends and fans of Nott – who was stripped of his TV jobs and various endorsements after the incident – loved the ordination and the respectful pictures to parents while no one mentioned his victim.

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