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America’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests Reach Bangkok

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America’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests Reach Bangkok | Samui Times
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America’s Black Lives Matter movement has gained traction in Thailand’s capital as a rally is set for this weekend. However, despite many places across the world taking part in the movement, Bangkok organisers say the rally will most likely be held virtually as the current Covid-19 Emergency Decree bans public assembly.

“Justice for George Floyd (Peacefully Paying Our Respects),” a rally in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, is expected to be held Sunday from 1pm-3pm.

Attendees are encouraged by the event’s organisers to wear black, wear masks, bring signs and practice social distancing. The event was announced Tuesday, and more than 800 people have so far expressed interest.

Floyd, a black American, was arrested in the US state of Minnesota over allegedly presenting a counterfeit bill to pay for cigarettes. Police, however, held him to the ground with a knee in his neck for over 8 minutes, causing him to die- a move that was clearly premeditated as the officer refused to let him breathe, leading to his death.

The death of Floyd sparked worldwide outrage spurring protests with some becoming violent. The situation has pushed America’s racial tensions into the world spotlight with many joining the Black Lives Matter movement.

New charges have been announced against all of the fired US police officers present at George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The charge against the officer who held his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck, has been elevated to second-degree murder. 3 other officers, previously uncharged, now face counts of aiding and abetting murder.

SOURCES: Coconuts Bangkok | BBC

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