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American ambassador told to “go home” by angry protesters

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American ambassador told to “go home” by angry protesters | Samui Times
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The American ambassador has been told to “go home” by around 200 angry protestors who gathered outside the US Embassy. The group were led by famous firebrand Thai Buddhist monk Luang Pu Buddha Issara. The message was reiterated by placards saying “This is Thailand not the USA”, “Go Go Home” and “ I am not stupid go fu*k yourself”.

USA AmbThe protest was sparked by comments USA Ambassador Glyn T. Davies made at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand on Wednesday when he expressed his concern over “the lengthy and unprecedented prison sentences handed down by Thai military courts against civilians”. He also expressed his concern over the increasing use of criminal defamation laws in stifling public debate.

Nationalist monk Issara found Davies pressure to change the law offensive, “you have no right and no power, we are not slaves of the US” he said.

The relations between Thailand and the US have been strained since the coup last year which Washington strongly condemned. When Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o cha was asked about Davies comments he reportedly said “It’s up to him. Next time don’t send anybody to talk about trade with me”. The USA ambassador was unavailable for comment.


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