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American with adult toy arrested after getting Grab taxi to deliver drugs in Bangkok

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American with adult toy arrested after getting Grab taxi to deliver drugs in Bangkok | Samui Times
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A hapless Bangkok drug gang including an American who had the bright idea to use Grab taxi to distribute amphetamines have been rounded up by police.

idiot with drugs and a sex toyThe distribution network of the American and his female accomplices came crashing down after a motorcycle taxi driver alerted Bang Na officers.

The bizarre story played out yesterday as evidence was gathered in the Bering area of Sukhumvit soi 107.

The American, who gave his name as “Father” Bentley Rolls, 38, was charged with possession of Class 1 drugs with intent to sell along with his partner in the operation Angsuma Jutasat, 28, from Kalasin and an alleged supplier Wasana Gerber, 41 from Kamphaengphet.

Several drugs and drug weighing devices were found and taken in as evidence including, ice, ecstasy, GHB, MDMA and Ketamine.

The saga began on Sunday morning when a motorcycle taxi driver referred to as “A” got a call from Grab taxi that his services were required at Bering Plus apartment off Soi Bering, Bang Na, eastern Bangkok.

When he arrived a foreigner came down and asked him to deliver a package to an address in Hua Mark. The package was a box for a hand held weighing device. But no sooner had the driver made off he received a call on his mobile from a Thai woman saying there was a change of plan and the package was to be left next to a green wheelie bin.

Suspecting something odd the driver checked in the package, found drugs and immediately went to Bang Na police. The local forced hot-footed it to the fourth floor apartment where they found “Father” and his apparent girlfriend relaxing – along with the drugs haul. Further inquiries led to the arrest of Wasana at Udomsuk Tower also in Bang Na where drugs were also found.

Police said that the American citizen, also charged with overstay,had been in Thailand around five years and had originally worked freelance in helping foreign movie companies who wanted to make films in the country. When business became slack he decided to try his hand at the import of sex toys. This proved not to be successful so he said he turned to selling drugs.

He met Angsuma and the pair teamed up contacting customers through the popular online messaging service Line. They said they got the drugs from a person known as “Chor” aged about 35-40 in Sathorn.

The American said:”This was the first time we had used Grab taxi. I figured it would be less risk and safer to use this method so we would avoid arrest.”

Wasana said that she had got her supply of methamphetamines from a man called “Michael” around 35 who lives in Ram Inthra.

All three were charged with possession of Class 1 drugs with intent to sell while “Father” and Angsuma were also charged with possession of GHB and ketamine.

To rub salt into his wounds the American was also charged with being on overstay in the Kingdom. There was no indication that “Father” had any connection to a religious ministry.

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