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‘Amulets saved my life’ says Thai driver in ‘miracle’ escape!

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‘Amulets saved my life’ says Thai driver in ‘miracle’ escape! | Samui Times
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A driver of a Vios that overturned and rolled in Chainat had a miracle escape earlier today.

The Toyota was completely destroyed but the mystical amulet wearing driver said that his life was saved by his lockets and protective magic charms, reports Daily News.

amulets saved my lifePassersby and other drivers who saw the accident feared the worst as the car rolled ten times on the Chainat-Asia highway. Chainat police rushed to the scene but were astonished to find Kraisorn Bangbunrit 40, of Tak Fa district, Nakorn Sawan, still behind the wheel of the upturned vehicle – but without so much as a scratch.

He was wearing a famous protective amulet called “Singh Sit Phra Khru.” All the windows of the Vios were smashed, doors were at a severe angle and the roof was squashed in. As a precaution the lucky driver went to hospital but all was well.

Kraisorn said that before the accident he had taken his wife to a local bird park and was on his way to Nakorn Sawan when he span, lost control and flipped his car rolling about ten times.

“Without a doubt I was saved by my charms and lockets,” he said,”People who came to help me couldn’t believe it and said it was a miracle I was alive.”

No mention was made as to whether Kraisorn, the chief engineer of a factory in an industrial estate in Ayutthaya, was breathalysed.

Editor’s note: The miracle driver’s home district Tak Fa means to ‘float on high’ and Nakorn Sawan can be translated as ‘City of the Heavens’.

Thai Visa / Daily News

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