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An appeal from Samui resident for unwanted laptops and iPads for poor children in Burma

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An appeal from Samui resident for unwanted laptops and iPads for poor children in Burma | Samui Times
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A year ago I went to see the work being done by Ed Wayne & Tanya Trickovic with children in need in Burma. I visited Aiung Thaikdi Mahamyaing Monastery in Yangon where they were building a school room, kitchen & Nun’s quarters. During that visit & subsequent visit I got to understand the needs of the children & how I could help.

The children at the monastery school were young monks or boys & girls from the village who were so poor that they are unable to attend the “free” government schooling where pens, paper books etc are required to be purchased. The children were being taught laptops and ipadsby a crippled nun & a Burmese man who had had a stroke, both doing a good job with very limited supplies. Volunteer teachers would come in at different times. They were given 4 years of schooling only. This meant that these children usually ended up on Yangon’s streets at about 11 years old or in very lowly paid occupations as they had no skills to compete in the world.

I had taken up with me an assortment of books, drawing material etc which they devoured! They are so hungry to learn & wanted more & more learning & stimulation. Some of the children are particularly bright & could do well in the world if given a chance.

My dream is to give these children a chance to live a healthy productive Life by having at least some computer skills when they leave school so early.

To do this I will need at least 30 IPads or tablets. All data will need to be erased & then I will up load appropriate apps.

The monks who run the monastery & teachers are very excited about this possibility. The Internet is available although needs connecting & I am researching computer skills training teachers.. They already have a typing system that they can teach & now there are some educational apps in Burmese.

A private school in Yangon has changed from PC to iPads & is being very helpful to me in setting this up. These iPads tablets & laptops will not be given to the children individually but kept at the school to be shared with all the students.

If you, your friends, any organisation or computer shop that you know have any iPads , tablets or lap tops that are not needed or are upgrading from (or donate a new one!) I would love to receive them & take them with me to the monastery in Yangon when I go Feb 16th. I will go again, so if you miss this trip there will be more later.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It would be great to hear from you with any questions or have spare ipads, tablets or Laptops!!

Susanne Stuart

Koh Samui Thailand

Phone 66 (0)870929928

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