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An eighty year old with Alzheimer’s living on scraps at Samrong market needs help

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An eighty year old with Alzheimer’s living on scraps at Samrong market needs help | Samui Times
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An old woman with Alzheimer’s who sleeps on a pile of rubbish and lives off scraps and meagre handouts has tugged at the heartstrings of Facebook users.

80 year old needs helpThousands have shared the story of the 80 year old who lives behind Samrong fresh market and has been the victim of attack and theft.

Now concerned people at the market want someone to come and help her be reunited with her family or provide for her as they fear for her future.

The story of the lady was shared 4,500 times on social media. On the Lord Clips page her story was told as netizens commented that some organisation should come and help her. It was mentioned that wicked people had stolen what little she had and that she could not even remember her name though she repeated over and over that her son would soon come and collect her and take her home.

Reporters from newspaper ThaiRath went to see if it was true and found a pitiable sight. Though Lek could remember her name on this occasion she was sleeping amongst rubbish on a pile of bottles she collected to raise a few baht. She said she had been there for seven years and that her son owned a printing business in Bang Prong.

Reporters found that if they got too close she would flinch and look scared and say that she didn’t have any money and to go and get it from someone else. They surmised this was a result of the attacks and thefts described on Facebook.

Phaniphat Buppha, 56, the owner of the toilets behind the market in Samut Prakarn, south east of Bangkok said: “She has been here at least four or five years. She used to live out the front of the market but was hounded back here. The market traders look after her with some rice and drinks and a little money but if bad people find out she has some money they rob her.

“She seems to have no relatives and we are asking for someone to come and help her or at least help her find some family members before something really bad happens to her.”

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