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An incredibly talented lady called Ta

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An incredibly talented lady called Ta | Samui Times
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Two short years ago Ta, from Nakhon Sawan, and her husband Gary were sitting at home watching the monsoon rain pour down. As they pondered what to do in such restricting weather Ta picked up a pen and paper and started to sketch a picture of Gary. When the sketch was finished Gary was astounded at how good it was, especially as Ta had never had any training in art and had never drawn or painted anything in the past. On that wet and windy day a talent emerged from a lady that would go on to inspire and impress people with her art that has today found its way all over the world.

SAM_3117One she started drawing and painting Ta found she could not stop. She attended a few lessons in art to learn about different mediums and colours and stocked up art books that gave advice on things like painting faces. Since then she has produced some incredible pieces using various different mediums and her subject matter is vast.

From her beautiful gallery in a traditional Thai wooden house near the Muslim village, from where she draws so much of her inspiration, Ta produces a wide range of art work to suit every budget and every taste. She creates artworks that are contemporary, modern, traditional and inspirational as well as portraits and nudes. Ta uses oil on canvas, charcoal and pastels, watercolors, acrylic on wood as well as pencils.

SAM_3116Though her website, where you can find fascinating slide shows of her work, she has sold her pieces all over the world as well as delighting the guests in local hotels and villas, the owners of which have been only too happy to adorn their walls with such interesting and original artworks.

All of Ta’s work is original, she has no interesting in copies however she does have an interest in providing unique artworks of your own design, so if you have something specific in mind for your home or business then Ta can turn your artist ideas into a beautiful reality.

To find out more about Ta and to view her work you can call into her gallery which is on the left as you make your way into the Muslim village as you go past the Samui Provincial Court with Nathon behind you or you can visit her website by clicking Here

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