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An opportunity for you to register your interest in a Skype-a-thon!

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An opportunity for you to register your interest in a Skype-a-thon! | Samui Times
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I read with great interest the posts on websites like the Thai Visa Wills page, which makes me realise that everyone has an opinion on everything. Myself, after completing my service in the Royal Air Force I trained and have been involved in Wills and Estate Planning for over 16 years, I have been flown to Germany by the British Army to write Wills for servicemen and women before they deployed to Afghanistan, I have been writing Wills for expats and people wills thailandwho have assets overseas for over 9 years, I have dealt with Probate in Spain, France, Turkey, Thailand and of course the UK and Ireland including the Channel Islands where I grew up, and was the Regional Chairman of the Society of Will Writers (where I put on training and seminars) for 6 years, so I am qualified to speak on the subject.

I have to say most of what I read on websites is opinion, very little is based on fact or posted by “voices of value” most posts are from well-meaning people, who seem only to manage to confuse the reader. We are all different, what we own, what our needs are, who we want to benefit on our death. The most important thing I ask my clients when they ask about making a Will is this. “If you died yesterday, what would you want to happen to your assets today?” that is your starting point.

Here in Thailand there are two distinct groups, Solicitors; who are trained in the Laws of the Country and Lawyers; who work in the Law, most are accountants but not trained Solicitors. If you work in Law you are entitled to call yourself a Lawyer, this does not mean you understand the law or are trained in it and this is where I think most of the problem lies. Just because they say they are a Lawyer doesn’t mean they understand Wills and Probate, but they won’t turn down the work. Their speciality may be as most are in house/land purchase, company set up and annual accounts and most are honest and very good at what they do.

What I do is specialise in Wills, Power of Attorney, Deputyship Orders and Probate. I am happy to advise on Thai estates or estates outside of Thailand, if you feel you would like a no obligation chat I am considering doing a one day Skype-a-thon if I get enough interest. To show your interest please e-mail me on look forward to chatting with you. Terry

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