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An update on Stu Kyffin

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An update on Stu Kyffin | Samui Times
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Ladies & Gents,

I’ve just returned from a 2 day trip to Hull to visit my brother. Huge thanks to Ian & Sara Burtt who let me stay at their house and treated me like a king, happy 40th birthday Sara.

Stu is much improved since I last saw him over a week ago. His eyes this time were wide open and followed any movement in the room. When Ian or I spoke to Stu he immediately looked straight into our eyes and there was also occasional movement of his arms and legs.

the care he is receiving is very good, the nurses and doctors are very proactive and were never too busy to answer any questions or talk at length about Stu. I am very confident that he is receiving the best possible care and treatment.

Stu’s rehabilitation and long road to recovery began in real time today with a regime of physiotherapy and neuro-assessment. The assessment will be carried out over a period of weeks and this will give a better indication of how the brain injury has effected Stu and also how is best to proceed with his rehabilitation.

The NHS is a fantastic organisation we largely take for granted but when this happens to one of your family you quickly realise how lucky you are. Our doctors and nurses are some of the best in the world and we should celebrate that.


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