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Angry friends try to storm Phuket shooting reenactment

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Angry friends try to storm Phuket shooting reenactment | Samui Times
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Police this afternoon staged a reenactment of the deadly shooting in Saphan Hin earlier in the day.

One Technical College student was shot dead and three others hurt, one seriously, when a member of a rival gang opened fire on them at close range just after midday.

Phuket shootingThe reenactment at 3:45pm, did not involve the four boys accused in the shooting, who are all under 18, because police were afraid that they might be attacked. Instead, police officers were used to play most of the parts in the scene.

Police blocked off the road, with 15 officers posted at either end, but things threatened to get ugly when relatives and friends of the victims saw two Technical College students with the police.

The two were in fact there as witnesses of the shooting, advising police on details of what happened. But the 20-odd relatives and friends, believing them to be the shooters, tried to break through the cordon at one end to get at the students.

Police from the other end of the crime scene rushed to reinforce their colleagues and managed to stem the onslaught.

They then continued with the reenactment, watched by a crowd of around 100 from the other side of Klong Bang Yai, while the relatives and friends continued to shower curses and threats on the students.

After about 20 minutes the reenactment was completed and police ere able to leave with the two students without further incident.

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