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Animal cruelty

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Animal cruelty | Samui Times
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More and more people are seeking a healthier life style. More and more people are becoming vegetarian. Ever stopped to wonder why? Organic Food is the fastest growing segment of the agricultural economy. People who care about their health & the environment are worried about pesticide & antibiotic drug residues in their food, are concerned about food poisoning from filthy slaughterhouses, contaminated feed, and diseased animals – all common in industrial agriculture, are alarmed by the wide-spread practice of food irradiation and the use of toxic sewage sludge as fertilizer – and just plain terrified by genetically engineered food. They see the environment & water supply threatened by the industrialization of agriculture, and wonder what kind of future children will have.

There are racists, there are feminist, there are chauvinists. And there are specieists…those who have no compassion over creatures that inhabit our same planet. Not you?? Well think again. Ignorance is a first defense. Ignorance has prevailed so long because we don’t want to know the truth. “I don’t want to know” “Don’t tell me, you’ll spoil my dinner” is the usual reply when people are faced with exactly how their dinner was produced.

Even people who are already aware of how traditional family farms have been monopolized by HUGE business interests STILL cling on to the vague belief and hope that conditions of our fellow creatures can’t be ‘too bad’. Surely the government and animal welfare societies would have done something about it?

It is not the inability to find out EXACTLY what is going on, as much as the desire NOT to know. Ring a bell? Yes I think so. Why would we want to know facts, which would lay so heavily on our conscience. This is responsible for a widespread lack of awareness. After all, why should we care? The victims are not part of our own group.

It all comes down to pain and suffering. Not intelligence, not strength, not power, not social class, not civil right. Purely PAIN and SUFFERING.
It is up to you to become aware. It is YOUR right to know exactly what is being hidden from you. It is our own desire for ignorance that has stopped us knowing what is going on THIS planet right NOW.

A change IS inevitable, either by our choice or we will be forced by nature. We have to evaluate our lifestyles, traditions and above all our thinking. We can no longer bury our head in the sand.
We have to change the meaning of humanity.

Just watch it, just give yourself a chance. We all NEED to know, we all need to share it. Interested? Watch this incredibly informative documentary

Tracey Saychanaphan

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