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Animals in Thailand are suffering during the Covid-19 crisis

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Animals in Thailand are suffering during the Covid-19 crisis | Samui Times
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Initiatives and donations to help unfortunate people and families struggling with unemployment or lack of income are setup across the nation during the Covid-19 crisis. This level of local support and kindness to share time and resources feeding the less fortunate, is worthy of applause and restores faith in humanity. But how are the animals in Thailand effected by the novel coronavirus crisis in the country?

Several stories of animals in Thailand struggling during the global pandemic have emerged lately. Animals carers have difficulties to provide enough food as the lack of tourism in Thailand and thereby income has set in.

Samui Elephants in Need

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Thai elephant conservation and care center ‘Samui Elephant Haven’ pleaded for help to feed the majestic animals. The elephant care center has been severely affected, with little to no income and limited funds. The 70-80 elephants living on Koh Samui require tons of food daily to get to their nutritional needs.

Elephant food can be donated at Samui Elephant Haven, Within Soi Khao Phra, Village No. 1, Bo Phut Subdistrict, Ko Samui District.

If you wish to help by donating food or travel money, to help pay for elephant food. You can contact Mr Suriya Sala-ngam on 09-1838-4341 for further information.

Monkeys Fighting For Food

On March 11th, surprised witnesses in Lopburi, North-East of Bangkok, saw two gangs of monkeys reportedly fighting over a pot of yoghurt. The fall in tourist numbers amid the Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in far fewer people offering them food.

Controversy at Phuket Zoo

Last week videos emerged from Phuket Zoo in Chalong, documenting the conditions in the temporarily closed zoo. Today (April 24th) a US citizen, Australian citizen and two Thai nationals were arrested on charges of creating false information and trespassing.

Videos were uploaded across social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. The Australian Minh Nguyen’s video on Youtube currently has nearly 75,000 views.

The owner of the Phuket Zoo in Chalong, Suriya Tanthaweewong, filed a formal complaint with Chalong police. He stated that the zoo was “not seeking public donations and the animals were not abandoned and not left to starve”.

Prominent Phuket person and real estate mogul, Vorasit ‘Wan’ Issara, has voiced his displeasure with police handling of the case. According to Wan.Issara on Instagram, he has paid 100,000 THB bail for the 4 Samaritans offering their continued help.

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