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Annie Hansen mother of Australian bashed in Green Mango stages protest outside parliament house

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Annie Hansen mother of Australian bashed in Green Mango stages protest outside parliament house | Samui Times
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On Monday Annie Hansen, the mother of Jack Hansen Bartel staged a lone protest outside Parliament House in Bangkok. The Australian single mother was protesting for justice after her son was involved in a fight in the Green Annie protestMango nightclub in Koh Samui on the 9th of July last year. A wide eyed Annie held a placard reading “Support the endeavors of truth and justice. Negative human traits run within us all, not between countries or nationalities. LOVE COMPASSION TOLLERANCE, # Justice for Jack, #Justice for Jack, We are Human, We are part of this conversation”

Jack Hansen- Bartel, who has lived in Thailand with his mother for 15 years, was in Koh Samui last year celebrating the end of school. During his trip he found himself in the popular Green Mango Club in Chaweng and in a fight with Ramond Chang and Ryan Wang, two Chinese American students who were also taking a vacation on the island. During the fight it is alleged that Jack sustained facial injuries that required emergency plastic surgery and ongoing treatment that was expected to last between 12 and 18 months.

It is believed the altercation with Wang and Chang was over a girl. CCTV footage shows Jack entering the Green Mango with a girl who was known to the accused. Jack then left the club leaving the girl with Ryan Wang. While Annie maintains her son was sober all evening, only drinking water and soft drinks, some witnesses say that Jack was heavily intoxicated and attacked Ryan Wang when he later found him dancing with the girl he had previously kissed himself. Although Wang and Chang have not made a public statement they told one resident of Koh Samui that they had no idea how either of them could have caused the injuries to Jack’s face without themselves sustaining any injuries to their fists. Another witness, who wishes to remain unnamed, said that Jack as still picking fights in thJack 1e Green Mango for two hours after the altercation with Wang and Chang raising questions as to whether it was the altercation with Wang and Chang that caused the facial injuries or another fight had taken place.

The following day both Wang and Chang were arrested and appeared at the Samui Provincial Court on the 24th of July and charged with assault. However six weeks later the accused laid charges against Jack. Mother Annie then turned to the Army’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) for help. As part of her campaign Annie contacted the Shanghai American School which resulted in one of the students issuing a statement. “As a Shanghai American School alumnus of the same graduating class as Ryan Wang and Raymond Tony Chang, I would like to apologize for the actions of my peers. Please know that their actions are in no way representations of the average Shanghai American School student or the average Chinese-American youth: we really are better than this”

Jack pre attackAfter initially having their passports taken Wang and Chang were later released and allowed to travel in order to start university courses at Purdue and Cornell Universities. Annie then turned her attention to the accused universities for help and after much communication effectively managed to have Ryan expelled from Purdue. A friend of Ryan’s told the Samui Times he was horrified Annie would take such measures when the trial had not even begun let alone the accused being found guilty.

It is also believed that Annie was willing to drop all charges for a substantial cash payment from the family of the accused who she describes as “The rich parents of these 2 thugs”, the family refuse to give in to her demands for what is believed to be around 10 million baht.

In her search for justice for her son Annie has continued to call into question the integrity of the Samui court system and of Wang and Chang and their parents. On her Facebook group ‘Justice for Jack” Annie posts

“Every parents nightmare right? The spring break/summer vacation destinations, Cancun, Ibiza or in this case a place that is fast being exposed as one of the most lawless and corrupt places on earth, Koh Samui in The Gulf of Thailand.
In the early hours of the morning of June 10th 2014 Ryan Wang and Raymond Chang viciously assaulted a young Australian student Jack Hansen-Bartel, the young Aussie was left with horrific facial injuries and to this day is still receiving treatment.
jack post attackStraight forward case right? 2 spoilt brats with callous disregard for life and absolutely no clue as to what life expects of young gentlemen commit this offence, get arrested, tried, convicted and pay the piper, on release possibly disowned by their parents for bringing shame on their family and disrespecting every element of an upbringing that was carefully designed to kickstart an out of the ordinary career once they finished college. Simple ………..
No. To say that the following events compounded the initial crime is more than an understatement. The rich parents of these 2 thugs, obviously themselves just as callous as their children have conspired with Thai authorities to turn this case on it’s head, the famous Thai Illuminati JustUs system in full swing again attempting to whitewash the crimes of the “chosen ones”.
We will detail the collusion between the Royal Thai Police, Courts, Public Prosecutors and these shameful parents in the coming weeks in an attempt to expose the real truth, to expose what is an ongoing crime, a continuous assault on Jack and his family.
Please share this and all of the following posts and help us raise awareness, please click on for the background if you are not already aware of the case and in reposting or commenting please always add the following hashtags ‪#‎raymondtonychang, ‪#‎ryanyunshangwang, ‪#‎tiffanymarikoturner, ‪#‎tellcornell
Watch this space ………”

Today is day one of the trial of Raymong Chang and Ryan Wang, the two men are not expected to attend.

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