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Announcement from Bangkok Immigration

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Announcement from Bangkok Immigration | Samui Times
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According to the New Regulation from August 13, 2013, when submitting application for Visa Extension if the validity of passport of the applicant is not longer than one year left before expiry, the extension of stay will be permitted not exceeding the expired date of passport. After the renewal of your passport of obtaining a new passport, you have to re-apply for Visa Extension by submitting required document and paying extension fee (1,900 Baht ). In case of overstay, the fine is 500 Baht per day.


Previously when travelling on a passport that has expired you would be permitted to stay until the expiry date on your passport, once your new passport arrived you would then return to immigration and have the remainder of your extension of stay transferred into your new passport free of charge. The changes mean that once you get a new passport you have to apply for a new extension of stay and pay the usual fee of 1,900 baht. So keep an eye on your passport expiration date!

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