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Another arrest made in the Surat Thani – Bangkok train rape/murder

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Another arrest made in the Surat Thani – Bangkok train rape/murder | Samui Times
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According to a report in the Nation Wanchai Saengkhao, the railway employee who allegedly raped and killed a 13 year old girl on a train told his friends of his intentions before the crime was committed. A friend of the suspect, age 19, told police that Wanchai told him and two other railway employees during a drinking session that he had his eye on the girl since she boarded the train in Surat Thani. It has been reported that he even told his colleagues that he planned to sexually assault the girl. The friend went on to tell the police that after disappearing, Wanchai returned to the staff quarters and announced he had thrown the girl from the train. According to the Railway police chief Pol Maj Gen Thitirat Nongharnpitak, not only will the 19 year old will be made a state witness, he has also now been charged with aiding and abetting a crime and was sent to Prachuap Khiri Khan Prison yesterday

murderer ThailandReports of passengers experiencing sexual assault while using public transport and taxi’s are not uncommon in Thailand, however this case has created a great deal of public anger to the point where there is now widespread demand for harsher punishments for sex offenders.

It has been known for minor offences in Thailand to be settled out of court by the accused paying the victim off, and sometimes even though the culprit does end up behind bars they may be freed after serving only part of their sentence. However many groups and members of the public are requesting the death penalty in this case. A 4 second video that surfaced on a social media network on July the 9th showing a police officer smacking Wanchai Saengkhao has attracted many comments. Some saying that the man, who the police say has confessed to the rape and murder of the girl, deserves considerably more than a smack around the head. However some concerns have now been raised that Mr. Wanchai’s confession could have been made under duress. Mr. Wanchai is now being detained under special watch in Prachuap Kiri Khan Provincial Prison to ensure that he does not commit suicide or get assaulted by other inmates, especially after a rape suspect was beaten to death on days ago. Wanchai has been charged with murder, sexual assault, theft and drug abuse.

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