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Another plane skids off the runway, this time Nok Air

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Another plane skids off the runway, this time Nok Air | Samui Times
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None of the twenty five passengers who were on board the Nok Air SAAB 340B turboprop were injured when the plane skidded off the runway at 8-45am on Sunday morning. According to the budget airline the incident, on a flight from Chiang Mai to Udon Thani, was caused by a “glitch” in the engine. This is the second incident for the airline in there months.

Narong Ponlaiard, Udon Thani vice governor, was at the scene and was briefed by a Nok Air officer who attributed the accident to a landing gear fault that prevented the pilot from turning right on the taxiway after touchdown. The front wheel collapsed and the pilot took the decision to hit the earthen wall on the side, brining the plane to a halt about six hundred meters from the passenger terminal.

On the 7th of August the airline reported and incident in Trang involving its Bangkok bound flight that slid of the runway while preparing to take off in heavy rain, all 142 passengers and crew on flight DD7411 escaped injury.

On the 9th of September Thai Airways had a similar incident on landing when their Airbus A330-300 skidded off the runway at Suvarnabhumi Airport however, Nok Air have not made any similar suggestions to Thai Airways whose managing director Mr Sorajak Kasemsuvan announced after the incident that his company would be conducting a major ceremony to appease malevolent spirits that may be haunting the airport and could have caused the plane to skid off the runaway, and to thank them for the part they may have played in assisting with the operation to get the passengers off the plane safely and to salvage the plane from the runway.

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