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(Another) poll (also) shows Thais’ lack of confidence in vaccine campaign

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(Another) poll (also) shows Thais’ lack of confidence in vaccine campaign
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Earlier today, the Thaiger reported on a survey that showed a sizeable chunk of respondents did not have confidence in the government’s vaccine rollout. It wasn’t the only survey that showed that recently. A survey by the National Institute of Development Administration (AKA the Nida Poll) shows that many people think the distribution and allocation of vaccines for Thailand has suffered under political meddling.

The Nida poll took place on June 7 through June 9 of 1,313 people of people 15 and up. The poll was to collect people’s opinions on the government’s allocation and distribution of vaccines from various demographics.

The breakdown of the poll is as follows:

  • 61.84% of respondents believed the ongoing allocation and distribution of vaccines in the country had been politicised
  • 28.10% of respondents said the political meddling was very high
  • 33.74% said it was rather high.
  • 7.62% of respondents believed there was little political interference
  • 16.68% thought there was no meddling

The remaining 13.86%, had no comment or were not interested.

On the question of confidence of whether the vaccine allocation and distribution in June would be implemented as planned by the CCSA:

  • 61.23%, were not confident
  • 39.22% said they had little confidence because vaccine imports were slow and some who had registered for a vaccine di not receive their vaccination as scheduled. Also, vaccines were not uniformly distributed
  • 22.01% said they had no confidence at all in the government and the CCSA because they had been unable to get enough vaccines for the number of people that wanted them
  • 22.70% were rather confident as some vaccines had arrived and been disturbed as intended
  • 14.78% were highly confident as some people who wanted a vaccine got one.

The remaining 1.29%, had no comment or were not interested.

On the question of permitting local administrations (e.g., provincial administration organisations, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, and Pattaya City) to place orders for vaccines through state agencies to vaccinate their inhabitants:

  • 79.47% agreed as they believed the local administrations had better proximity to their people and the distribution of vaccines would be more productive.
  • 8.42% disagreed, believing this would lead to corruption. They also believed the budgets for the local administrations should unable to be used to purchase vaccines and the issue should be a matter addressed by health agencies.

The remaining 1.21%, had no comment or were not interested.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post


Courtesy ofThaiger News

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