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Anti superstition Facebook group called F*@# Ghosts causes uproar

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Anti superstition Facebook group called F*@# Ghosts causes uproar | Samui Times
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A new Facebook group called Fuck Ghosts whose founder has ridiculed the placing of statues at dangerous spots to ward off evil spirits is causing uproar in Thailand, a country known for its supernatural beliefs.

This week the site posted a photograph of a man’s foot standing on a row of zebra figurines that had been placed at a busy junction in Bangkok where 100’s of live have been lost. The placing of zebra figurines at road black spots is common place, it is said that the stripes remind people of zebra crossing and ward off evil spirits thought to cause crashes. The hot spot where the photograph was taken in Bangkok is known as “kong Roi Sop”, the picture has gone viral.

According to a report by the AFP the founder of the Facebook page, that has more than two hundred thousand likes, said that he wants to change those kind of beliefs. “There are far too many superstitions or instances of people being besotted in Thailand and it annoys me” said the man who the AFP say declined to give his name for fear of reprisals. “I want to show there are people out there who do not believe in superstition” he added.

On posters named Thanakiet Thongchait wrote a message of support on the site saying “show the middle finger to ghosts” another said “ I do not understand why the heck we have these zebra statues.

However others Thais are not in the least bit impressed by the foot on the zebra images and hold on to their deep beliefs in superstition, and find putting your foot on something scared deeply disrespectful. Sweetie November posted “I hope that ghosts come to haunt you and stop you from sleeping” another wrote “if you don’t believe in superstition why do you have to challenge it”

Many drivers in Thailand wear amulets to protect themselves on the countries busy roads, however the founder of the Facebook page said that superstition causes real harm due to people putting their faith in a statue rather than taking the appropriate safety precaution.

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