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Antoine Khoury – the man who flew truffles in to Koh Samui

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Antoine Khoury – the man who flew truffles in to Koh Samui | Samui Times
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Tomorrow night Napasai at Orient Express will be hosting an event to honor truffles, one of the most expensive and rare foods in the world.

This event has been made possible by Antoine Khoury, a great friend of Chef Gilles who personally flew the truffles in for the occasion.

SAM_0149Antoine Khoury has a company called L’Arbre a Truffle that means The Truffle Tree. The company was created from a desire and a passion to provide quality truffles to both individuals and restaurants. The shop that he founded along with his wife in 2003 is located in Vence, France. Both Antoine and Virginia are passionate about the culinary arts and it was their energy and that very passion that lead to the shops existence on the French Riviera.

Antoine has vast experience in the truffle industry that is almost closed to those not involved. Knowing where to buy the truffles is a bit of an inside secret, and even when you know where they are being sold there is no guarantee you will get any. On the day of the truffle markets those in the industry have to park their cars on a side road and the truffle suppliers arrive and allow only a handful of the purchasers to bid on their limited stocks. Being in the know and knowing the right people is the only way that Antoine has been able to bring the truffles that will be used tomorrow night to Koh Samui.

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