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Appeals Court upholds death sentence for dancing gunman

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Appeals Court upholds death sentence for dancing gunman | Samui Times
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The Chonburi Appeal Court on Wednesday upheld the death sentence of the Chonburi first court for a cold-blooded gunman, who shot his girlfriend and her mother to death and then walked out of the scene in dancing manner.

The murder took place at car accessory shop in Chonburi province in August last year.

dancing gunmanThe shooting was captured by the shop’s CCTV camera.

The video footage showed Mr Yossaphon Hae-kla pulled out a gun and shot at his girlfriend and her mother sitting on a sofa.

His girlfriend died on the spot while her mother ran out of the shop but fainted in front of the door.

Yossaphon followed her outside and shot her several times to death.

He then walked and danced out of the scene as if nothing happened.

Early this year, the Chonburi first court him to death for shooting the two women cold-bloodedly.

It also sentenced him six months in jail for carrying a gun without permission and ordered him to pay 2.61 million baht compensation to the victims’ relatives. I

In hearing his appeal, the Chonburi Appeal Court confirmed the first court’s death sentence, reasoning that the gunman shot at both of them with intents to kill.

Besides, he was fully conscious when carrying out the murders in a cold-blooded manner. The gunman also escaped, prompting the arrest warrant to be issued against him, the court said.

His behavior after the shooting was also considered an insult to the law, it said.

The appeal court also upheld the compensation order against him. It, however, halved the jail sentence for Mr Yossaphon for 3 months due to his confession.

The gunman did not appear to hear the sentence today as he was detained at Bang Kwang Prison in Nonthaburi province.

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