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Armed taxi driver at large after injuring policeman and killing two people

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Armed taxi driver at large after injuring policeman and killing two people | Samui Times
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Police have launched the manhunt for an armed taxi driver who fled the scene after shooting his two landlords dead in Bang Yai district.
Taxi driver Anupong Ruangsawat, 29, had an argument with the landlords, drove his taxi to a main road, crashed into a traffic policeman to steal his pistol and returned to kill the victims, police said.
Nonthaburi police chief Maj General Samran Yindee-arom led the police team to investigate the incident.
Based on statements of witnesses and tenants, Anupong moved from Nakhon Sawan to eke out his living as taxi driver.
He rented a room in the three-storey building owned by the husband and wife, Somchai Thaenchantha, 51, and Sangwal Thaenchantha, 49.
He often made noises disturbing the peace in the neighbourhood.
Before he went berserk, Somchai and Sangwal again reminded him not to play guitar.
Following the exchange of sharp words, he got into his taxi and drove out.
Police connected him to the traffic incident about a taxi crashing into the traffic policeman and stealing the gun. The policeman sustained injuries, including broken collarbone.
With the stolen gun, the suspect shot Somchai three times in the head and Sangwal twice also in the head.
Witnesses told police that the suspect had fled toward a nearby school. Police closed off the school and nearby areas and conducted the search for two hours without success.
The suspect’s wife who lives in NakhonSawan said her husband has been under medication for his psychological illness.
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